Image of The Witchwood Crown (Last King of Osten Ard)


Image of The Witchwood Crown (Last King of Osten Ard)

Devout Williams fans will be thrilled with this return to his spectacular high-fantasy world, which continues to captivate as the preceding trilogy did decades ago, and readers new to Osten Ard will quickly be absorbed by the political intrigue, rich description and complex characterization that makes the author stand out in a sea of writers inspired by his work. The first installment in the new trilogy is a nostalgic glimpse of the past as the horrors of the future awaken, with new threats to challenge the present readers and newcomers alike.

Thirty years after the defeat of the Storm King, High King Simon and High Queen Miriamele of Osten Ard mourn the loss of their beloved son while worrying over the immaturity of their grandson, Prince Morgan. King Hugh of Hernystir causes a different concern, as his future wife, Lady Tilleth, is suspected of worshipping an old war goddess in an attempt to raise demons. After a decades-long sleep, a threat to all humanity is rising, and a warning from a stranger leads Simon and Miriamele to prepare to fight. (DAW, Jun., 736 pp., $30.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kerry Sutherland