Image of The Wolf Lord (Ars Numina Book 3)


Image of The Wolf Lord (Ars Numina Book 3)

Superb storyteller Aguirre is back with the third installment in her Ars Numina series. Talk about your oil and water mix! On the surface, a marriage alliance between bad boy wolf Animari Raff Pineda and the icy Eldritch princess Thalia Talfayen seems like a disaster waiting to happen, but with war approaching do they have any other option? Aguirre has created numerous wonderful worlds and characters in her books, but there is something really special about her Ars Numina series and protagonists. Packed with emotion, treachery, betrayal, honor, self-sacrifice and love, this book and series are truly phenomenal!

Because she has been locked up for decades after a failed insurrection, Eldritch princess Thalia Talfayen knows she is in a precarious position even after her treacherous father’s death. Thalia plans to claim the silver throne, but with her enemies closing in, she must first forge an alliance. Sadly all her first choices for a marriage alliance have refused, which means that her last option is Raff Pineda, leader of the Pine Ridge Pack. Raff has a reputation as a hard partying, hard fighting rogue. One thing that Thalia and Raff have in common is that people tend to underestimate them. When an enemy underhandedly attacks with fatal results, both Thalia and Raff are out for blood. Can these polar opposites find a way to trust and work with each other or are they already doomed? (AGUIRRE, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith