Image of The Woman in the Woods: A Thriller (Charlie Parker)


Image of The Woman in the Woods: A Thriller (Charlie Parker)

Sixteen books into the Charlie Parker series and Connolly continues to deliver with his unique blend of supernatural, horror and crime fiction wrapped into one explosive package. This time around, the story starts off in a small town in Indiana where a seemingly normal case takes on a supernatural bent and the race between good and evil leads to the doorstep of a young boy. Charlie is a complex man driven by the tragedies of his past and his dogged determination to help those in need. He has assembled a loyal crew of compatriots who watch his back and guard his life. The prose is lyrical and lush and moves swiftly from scene to scene while ramping up the suspense and the sense of impending doom. The villains are heinous, vacuous and empty, inflicting horrific pain on their victims with no regard for human life. As the layers are peeled back in this complex mystery, each new chapter hits you like a sucker punch. This haunting thriller will keep you reading into the night with the lights on and the phone turned off.

A young woman’s body is found in the dark and desolate Maine woods. There are indications she gave birth shortly before her death, but there are no signs of a baby. A marking on a tree might be the only clue. Elsewhere, a young boy is receiving calls on a toy phone from a woman who wants him to find her in the woods. Private investigator Charlie Parker agrees to look into the case and identify the dead woman and find her missing child; however, someone else has been tracking the young boy and will leave a string of dead bodies in their quest to get closer to the child and an object in his possession. As death closes in on the boy and his family, can Charlie Parker stop the evil forces at play and win a round for the living? (ATRIA/EMILY BESTLER BOOKS, Jun., 496 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin