Image of The Women in the Castle: A Novel


Image of The Women in the Castle: A Novel

Shattuck’s interesting perspective on post-war Germany is an evocative, heart-wrenching drama that unfolds in a beautiful setting. The portrait of the aftermath of war and insights into her characters is exceptionally and carefully crafted. Here is a wonderful read for anyone intrigued by what happened after the horror and how three unique women rebuild their lives out of chaos.

In an isolated castle in Bavaria, three widows who survived the war begin to pick up the pieces of their lives. Before his execution, Connie Feldermann asked Marianne to care for the families of those men involved with him in a plot to assassinate Hitler. She found 6-year-old Martin in a Nazi re-education school and has tracked down his mother, Benita, following her release from prison and capture by the Russians. Then she rescues Ania and her sons from a refugee camp, and now all of them live in the castle that had once been a bastion of culture and intellect. Living as a family brings out the differences in their past and war-time experiences. Benita still lives in fear of losing her child, Ania has had to become a fighter and Marianne still dwells on the past. The different choices each made will shape their future in ways they couldn’t imagine. (WILLIAM MORROW, Mar., 368 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin