Image of Worlds Apart (Warriors of Risnar Book 2)


Image of Worlds Apart (Warriors of Risnar Book 2)

With the second book in her Warriors of Risnar series, St. John brings us an intriguing romance with an interesting premise set in an alien world. Ex-army soldier Anneliese Thompson makes for a courageous yet vulnerable heroine whom readers will like. Nex is equally tough, endearing and likeable. Nex’s gentle might compliments Anneliese’s combative might and readers will find their combination of wills, as well as their love connection, appealing. Though the story concept is unique, the story itself could be more compelling. A few of the alien characters lack depth and are hard to visualize in moments. Though the plot lacks strong tension, the sizzling romance between Anneliese and Nex will propel readers to keep turning the pages.

As army veteran Anneliese Thompson walks to her truck parked in a store parking lot, a spaceship arrives. On it is Nex, a scientist from the alien world of Risnar, who has come to get her before another alien race, the Monsuda, do. The Monsuda, who have kidnapped Anneliese before, are conducting horrific experiments on targeted humans and are about to go after her again. After being taken to his planet and having the tracking device the Monsudans previously inserted into her skin removed, Anneliese finds that she is not quite ready to return to Earth for two reasons. She wants to fight with the Risnarish against the Monsudans who are threatening both Risnar and Earth, and she is deeply attracted to Nex. Nex feels a connection to Anneliese as well, but they are of different species and he doesn’t see how a relationship with her could work. Yet, they give into their feelings for each other and their relationship becomes more intimate. As Anneliese and Nex prep to fight for Risnar and for Earth, they battle with the personal emotions swirling between them. (CARINA, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates