Image of The Writing Desk


Image of The Writing Desk

Hauck has penned another gorgeous story about two female writers, separated by time and circumstance. Spiritual content is beautifully integrated and makes the story meaningful. Mistakes and heartbreak are a reality in the tale, as in life, and make the characters relatable. Attention to historical detail places the reader in the midst of early 1900s New York with all of its challenges, especially for young women like Birdie who have dreams that go against the acceptable choices of the era. This superb book will entertain and make readers think.

Tenley Roth has a huge legacy to live up to in the writing world. Both her father and great-grandfather are well-known authors, and she has written one massively successful novel as well. Unfortunately, she is on a deadline and suffering from extreme writer's block. When her estranged mother asks Tenley to come to Florida while she goes through chemotherapy, Tenley reluctantly agrees, and thinks a change of location might help her to write. In 1902, Birdie Shehorn lives a life of wealth and privilege, but this means that her choices are limited by her status. All Birdie wants is to write and become a published author, but this desire is thwarted by Birdie's mother, who wants her to marry a wealthy, titled man. As Tenley struggles in the present, her life intersects with Birdie's through an old writing desk that might give answers to them both. (ZONDERVAN, Jul., 352 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel