Image of Written in Love (An Amish Letters Novel)


Image of Written in Love (An Amish Letters Novel)

The first book in the Amish Letters series features a poignant love story made even sweeter by the humorous penpal exchange between Phoebe and Jalon at the start. These are standout characters with complicated emotional histories. Readers of Fuller’s Birch Creek series will be happy to return to this community and discover new characters and new romantic possibilities.

When Phoebe returns a letter accidentally delivered to her aunt’s house, a friendship with the sender, Jalon Chupp, ignites. Love soon grows as they share the details of their lives through the written word. What they don’t share, however, may ultimately keep them apart. Secrets, guilt and shame rise to the surface while outside figures threaten to destroy any happiness Phoebe and Jalon have found with each other. (THOMAS NELSON, Mar., 320 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kerry Sutherland