Image of You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone


Image of You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone

O’Brien has a knack for taking realistic characters and throwing them into horrible situations. If this was a horror film instead of a book, watchers would be diverting their eyes and yelling at the screen to not open the door. Ultimately, it is not really a surprise who is responsible for the carnage, but it’s way too much fun to not take the journey. Mandatory for those who enjoy the type of novel that should not be read in the dark.

Andrea Boyle and her 17-year-old nephew Spencer move to Seattle to start fresh and bury a terrible secret. Her boyfriend has a disturbed son who keeps Spencer at bay, and both of them battle bullies at school. A shocking incident will reveal Spencer’s buried past, and immediately make him the number one suspect in an escalating series of murders. (PINNACLE, Aug., 544 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers