Image of You'll Think of Me


Image of You'll Think of Me

This story, infused with the wonder of God’s love, will have inspirational romance readers holding on tightly to Hatcher’s latest. The storytelling genuinely expresses the themes of faith, loss, disappointment and love in raw, honest language. Derek and Brooklyn’s journey to discovering what God has planned for them is one that will touch readers’ hearts. With two strong, genuine characters that readers will feel compassion for and a heartwarming modern-day plot that inspires, Hatcher’s romance is a wonderfully satisfying read.

Standing outside her home in Reno, Nev., Brooklyn Myers receives a letter stating that Chad, her ex-husband, is dead and that he’s left his family home in Thunder Creek, Idaho, to their daughter, Alycia. Brooklyn never intended to return to Thunder Creek, a town that has left her with bad memories, but she makes the move for Alycia. Farmer Derek Johnson is upset when he learns his childhood best friend is dead and that a promise they made long ago is now broken. When Brooklyn arrives in town, Derek’s past resentment of her rises again — despite Chad’s posthumous request that Derek be a father to Alycia. He still blames her for interfering in his friendship all those years ago. And as a love for both Brooklyn and Alycia blooms in Derek’s heart, his bitterness thaws as does Brooklyn’s mistrust as she sees God’s true plan. (THOMAS NELSON, Apr., 320 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates