Young Adult Book Reviews

Image of The Complication (Program)

Stunned by the revelation that she was in The Program, Tatum is determined to let Wes lead a safe life without her in spite of his desire to discov... Read More

Image of Brightly Burning

Trapped in a stifling spaceship in orbit around a long-frozen earth, Stella Ainsley dreams of nothing more than freedom. So when she is offered a p... Read More

Image of Crossing the Line

Ryan Hess has not had an easy life. When he decides he has had enough of his overbearing stepfather and stepbrothers, Ryan crosses the border to Me... Read More

Fighter pilot Athan Dakar may be the youngest son of a famous (and infamous) military general, but his dreams lie far away from the front lines. Ne... Read More

Image of One Small Thing

When Beth’s sister tragically dies, her overprotective parents start to watch her every move as they don’t want to lose another child. One night at... Read More

Director Megan Harper is cursed. Every boy she has ever dated has subsequently fallen in love with another girl. After her last break up, Megan dec... Read More

Image of Now You See Her

On a rainy evening, while driving home after her high school tennis match, Amelia’s car stalls by the side of the road. Amelia steps out of her car... Read More

Claire cares about two things in life: Demon Heart and writing fic about Demon Heart. But when Claire comes face to face with the Demon Heart cast... Read More

Image of All the Little Lights

When fifteen year-old Catherine Calhoun catches Elliot Youngblood taking a picture of her, it is the beginning of a sincere, deep friendship betwee... Read More

Image of The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik

The summer before his senior year, Noah Oakman is melancholy, though he’s unsure why. He has fantastic friends, a wonderful family and college scho... Read More

Something ended the lifelong friendship between Hannah and Emory, but both refuse to discuss it with anyone. Emory’s hurtful words fester inside of... Read More

Image of If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say: A Novel

Winter is a spelling-bee champ, daughter of a parenting expert and all around “good girl.” She always follows the rules, colors inside the lines an... Read More

Image of Sweet Black Waves (The Sweet Black Waves Trilogy)

Branwen may have an honored position as maid to her cousin, Princess Eseult, but her past is dark with violence and loss. Rescuing a handsome young... Read More

Matilda Castillo had big dreams of joining a contemporary dance company until an injury her senior year threatens to sideline her aspirations. With... Read More

Image of Invisible Ghosts

Rose believes in ghosts. She believes because every afternoon after school she watches Netflix with her kid brother, Logan — who has been dead for... Read More

Mila and Riley have been inseparable since Riley and her family moved to Cross Creek. When Riley took up an interest in practicing Wicca, Mila was... Read More

Mariam Sharma has finally finished her first year of college. She’s looking forward to relaxing with her best friends: gorgeous Ghazala and religio... Read More

Eelyn is as tough as any man in her Aska clan. On the verge of adulthood with a life of brutality and bloodshed ahead of her, her fierce determinat... Read More

Image of The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls

After their parents were killed by a drunk driver, the four Garrett sisters were raised by their grandmother. Des is the responsible sister — runni... Read More

Image of As She Fades: A Novel
The night of their high school graduation, childhood sweethearts Vale and Crawford are in a terrible car accident. In one moment their whole live... Read More
Image of Summer of Salt

Georgina Fernweh has still not come into her magical powers, and she’s starting to become worried that she never will. Her twin sister, Mary, has h... Read More

Nano has lived on Dog Island her whole life, one of only a handful of kids on the world’s last sanctuary for living dogs. Ever since a science ex... Read More
Image of The Fragile Ordinary

With the notable exception of her eclectic taste in fashion, Comet Caldwell lives to blend in. Despite her flashy name, she is intensely shy, conte... Read More

Princess Aurora has finally woken up and the sleeping sickness in Deluce has officially ended. Even though Isabelle has growing feelings for Prin... Read More
Image of Save the Date

It’s a big weekend for the Grant family. Their mom’s longtime comic strip about their family is coming to an end, after following the children from... Read More

Image of Beyond a Darkened Shore
Ciara, princess of Mide, uses her supernatural powers of mind control to protect her father’s kingdom in battle against the raiding Northmen warr... Read More
Image of My Plain Jane

Jane is a strange girl with a supernatural awareness, with no greater goal than to become a governess and leave the dreary girls’ school where she... Read More

Image of Relative Strangers

The deadline for producing a baby picture for the yearbook has past and Jules is the only one who has not submitted a picture. Her mother is no hel... Read More

While attempting to flee his dead-end life as an orphaned stable boy, Arcturus accidentally does the impossible: he summons a demon. After a flurry... Read More

Noemi is back in Genesis and trying to adjust to being ostracized by her own people for her actions, or lack of. Abel is now the captain of his o... Read More

After sixteen-year-old Tiffany Sly loses her mother, she travels across the country to go live with her biological dad, a man she’s never known. He... Read More

Image of Not If I Save You First
Maddie and Logan were destined to be BFFs, except Logan was kind of famous — his father was the President of the United States. They were normal... Read More

After Sari catches her boyfriend, Zev, kissing another girl, her couple-centric plans for winter break fly out the window. Heartbroken, she tries t... Read More

Set in 1807 in New Hampshire, Harriet Winter is tired of the boundaries of womanhood. Cooking, cleaning, pressure to marry and stitching are a fe... Read More

While Malin would rather go after Asher, who is being held captive by an underworld goddess, she has been given a special assignment to retrieve my... Read More

Image of Picture Us In The Light
Danny Cheng thinks being accepted to RISD is his ticket to freedom. He just has to survive his senior year and he’ll be free of Cupertino. Not al... Read More
Image of The Handsome Girl & Her Beautiful Boy

Everyone thinks Zee is a lesbian. And even though Zee has been in love with her best friend Cam for years, sometimes she wonders if maybe the world... Read More

A decade ago, a strange and terrifying disease began attacking settlements across the desert — a disease that changes those infected from humans... Read More

When Rufus Holt’s half-sister, April, calls and begs him to come meet her, he decides to find out what she needs. Little does he know, until he and... Read More

Freya, Harun and Nathaniel are in New York City one day, each grappling with the reality of what they have lost and what that means. Freya has lo... Read More
Image of From Twinkle, with Love

Not popular and barely noticed, Twinkle Mehra wants be a filmmaker and have a chance to be seen through her art. When fellow student and geeky film... Read More

Image of Starry Eyes
Lennon and Zorie haven’t spoken in months after their experiment to be more than friends failed, leaving Zorie with a broken heart. Now they’re f... Read More
Image of Break Us (Shade Me)

Nikki Kill wants to uncover who killed her mother, and she’s scared that the murderer might be someone close to her. When she’s not trying to chase... Read More

Enne lived a life of luxury far from New Reynes, the City of Sin. But she ventures into the city in search of her mother, who may as well be dead... Read More

Ellie, Daisy Winters’ older sister, is engaged to be married to a royal prince. Because of the engagement, Daisy finds herself in the spotlight, mu... Read More

Image of Dread Nation
Though the Civil War ended when soldiers rose from the dead and slavery was abolished, that doesn’t make Jane McKeene feel like any less of a sla... Read More

Clara has always been a prankster and a class clown, never taking anything seriously. Until her carefree summer is taken away after her last prank... Read More

Image of Immortal Reign: A Falling Kingdoms Novel
New mother Lucia struggles to keep her waning magic a secret from those who fear her power, while Jonas’ determination to support her is tested w... Read More
Image of Love Songs & Other Lies: A Novel

It’s been two years since Virginia “Vee” Miller last saw her first love, Cameron Fuller. She would have been fine going at least another two years... Read More

Alex and Eliza Hamilton are in love and excited to start their new married life together … but it comes with its first struggle. When Alex makes... Read More