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Ethan Somerton is determined to bring one of his agents home alive. He’s gotten information that gives him a lead but now he will need to infiltrat... Read More

When Alexis/Alex needs to find a man who won’t mind faking a marriage to help her adopt a needy young girl, one hunky Air Force Major comes to mind... Read More

Ziyaeddin, an exiled prince, is a renowned portraitist living and working in Scotland. A short time ago he was enchanted by a young woman. Her face... Read More

Fifteen-year-old Huey Fairchild has had a hard time transitioning from a small southern Georgia town to the big city. In the past seven years, he’s... Read More

FBI agent and true crime writer Elliot Bailey is the last person Megan Hamilton wants as a guest at her inn, much less right next door to her. But... Read More

SEAL “Pitbull” Percy Taylor is a helicopter man, and he’s not thrilled about flying on a single-engine prop plane to get to an African resort. Whil... Read More

Twenty-year-old Louise Faulk dreamed of escaping Altoona, Pennsylvania, for the bright lights of New York City and thanks to her Aunt Irene, an aut... Read More

Diana Martin wants nothing more than to be able to write and experience life before being forced to marry. Her chance for one last escapade lands h... Read More

Henry Garrison is a high-powered Manhattan attorney and a recovering alcoholic. He’s currently dealing with his divorce from a famous Hollywood sta... Read More

Jace Cahill loves living in his remote cabin with only his faithful dogs for company. He loves his work as a rafting guide, but is aware that busin... Read More

In 1949 Charlotte dreams of completing college and working in advertising, but when her father demands she work in the family business, Charlotte f... Read More

Tanner Ford gives “stubborn” new meaning. All he needs to do is step into the family dynasty, but he’s been in love with bull-riding since he was a... Read More

Jaycee Givens hasn’t had an easy life, and she doesn’t see a better future in sight when she discovers she is pregnant. Jaycee is largely on her ow... Read More

Aila Cordeiro’s life on Cape Cod has been quiet since she tragically lost her beloved husband and father to a boating accident two years ago. She o... Read More

Sheriff Ben Madison promised to help the new town doctor ease into life in Frost Falls. He never suspected that Dr. E. Ridley Woodhouse would be a... Read More

Chloe Daschle has made a name for herself as an actor who dies in every movie. After she reads an amazing script, she wants to do anything she can... Read More

Gwyn Ruthers has never been what most would describe as a typical lady in 1915 England. She wants nothing more than to help with the war efforts, b... Read More

Amy Deerson has wanted to mentor a child for some time, and it looks like it will finally happen. Unfortunately, it means she will have to spend ti... Read More

Owen Cross has always known that working on his family’s ranch was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Working the fields, making future... Read More

When Cameron Donnelly leaves Kenya after years of aid work, he’s drained, lonely and struggling with PTSD. Journalist Tyler Ang met Cameron during... Read More

Jana Berzelius is the lead prosecutor on a case concerning patients being murdered in the local hospital. Because she is also harboring a fugitive... Read More

Cara Rutledge returns to her beach home on Isle of Palms to confront the painful memories of her past. It will be here where she will finally opt t... Read More

After staging her own death while helping her “father” and his new family escape those wanting to capture and kill him, Bianca has been hoping that... Read More

Elvis tribute artist Vic Vegas approaches Detective Rachel Sloan with the unsolved murder of a good friend. Vic has been investigating the murder a... Read More

Five years into the French and Indian War, Mercy Lytton is a scout. With her keen eyesight, she has prevented a lot of unnecessary deaths and destr... Read More

Deborah Frazier didn’t arrive in Cowboy Creek in search of a groom. In fact, she recently fled from one. Instead, she found shelter, friends and a... Read More

The ever practical Geoffrey, Earl of Harrington, needs a wife if he is to take a post in Vienna; it seems Elizabeth Turley meets his requirements.... Read More

When he was five years old, Brady Bradshaw's mother sacrificed herself in the Oklahoma City Bombing to save him. He has always wondered why God aba... Read More

Beckett Tate and Gia Sinclair have worked side by side in security for years but on one drunken night, Gia lets it slip that she has harbored feeli... Read More

Dr. Sara Langdon didn’t want to move home, but her beloved grandmother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis makes it happen. Now she is working in her dad’s pra... Read More

Retired English teacher Mikki Lincoln decides to purchase her childhood home in the Catskills in hopes of starting over after the death of her husb... Read More

Loveday Cardew has always preferred books to people. She knows what to expect from them, and she can use them to suit her needs, withdrawing into t... Read More

Kindhearted Ella is relegated to a servant’s role after the death of her father when her self-absorbed stepmother and gossipy stepsisters take adva... Read More

Evangeline Hamilton’s striking eyes have always been a source of both solace (keeping memories of each parent’s eyes alive) and suffering (endless... Read More

The first time Jesse Creed sees Laura Lee, she is wearing a wedding dress and looking bereft. The next time Laura Lee sees Jesse, he is wet, naked... Read More

Miles Singer was marked by magic from birth, and in the world he inhabits, that magic meant he was destined either for enslavement or institutional... Read More

Gregory Drake is a businessman. His illegitimacy puts him on the fringes of society, but his skill as a “fixer” allows him entry to the Ton. His ne... Read More

Divorce attorney Rebecca Lindt survived a deadly high school shooting only to be mugged at gunpoint twelve years later before being rescued by two... Read More

As coroner of Lake Sackett, Georgia, Frankie McCready is a bit of a dichotomy to Sheriff Eric Linden. On the one hand, she is a sassy, independent... Read More

What should have been a dreamy wedding weekend in Nantucket quickly transforms into a nightmare when the body of the maid of honor is discovered in... Read More

Daisy and her Aunt Iris are busy handling Daisy’s Tea Garden and gearing up for a quilt lover’s weekend sure to attract tourists. Daisy’s best frie... Read More

Two years later, Carter Marshall is still grieving the loss of his wife and infant. He lost them in a fire, but he is coming to the realization tha... Read More

Selah is determined not to give up her family’s plantation in spite of debt and destruction, with the hope of returning the property to its former... Read More

The past winter rocked Beartown to the bones. Now summer is here, and the Beartown hockey club is being shut down. The best players have left to pl... Read More

Francine Wentworth has her hands full trying to raise her son as a single mother, deal with her ex and work on an important business merger. Franci... Read More

Lillian Davies is pregnant and on the run; a fugitive accused of a crime that she didn’t commit. Lillian needs to prove her innocence for her unbor... Read More

Every year Cade Maguire opens his ranch to underprivileged city kids. His passion to help is stalled when he can’t find anyone suitable to be a cou... Read More

In the newly independent countries of Eren and Caeris, Elanna Valtai has restored the land with her magic. Sorcerer Jahan Korakides is by her side... Read More

In “Building Trust,” Grace and Joel have been courting in secret, but Grace’s father is furious when they reveal their engagement. Can Joel find a... Read More

Catherine believes the new year will bring a proposal from her longtime boyfriend Zach, but when her first love, Elijah, returns abruptly after a l... Read More