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Trisha Alexander entertains us with A BRIDE FOR LUKE (3). She's the feisty, independent sister of the bride, and he's the carefree, drop-dead gorge... Read More

A bright new star dawns in the Regency heavens with the superior debut of Wilma Counts.

The conditions of the will are nothing short... Read More

A divorce lawyer, about to get married himself, is surprised to find himself still married to a woman from his past. Now he needs his own divorce,... Read More

Dixie Fulton-Leigh is not a typical Southern belle. Shes business-savvy and not about to let the family lawyer take over her late fathers furniture... Read More

Parris Simmons, a recently divorced corporate interior designer, wants nothing to do with wealthy Palm Beach playboy Martin Cole. Martin however, s... Read More

Working as a social secretary to help make ends meet, a would-be reporter is thrown into planning a wedding for the one man she never got over. He... Read More

Wrapping up the month is A BRIDE FOR JOHN (2) by Trisha Alexander. A pair of spirited scamps play matchmaker for their single parents, but the love... Read More

When Kathleen O'Connor agrees to attend the wedding of her best friend Taylor and his Irish fiancie Maddie in Ireland, she tries to convince hersel... Read More

A kind-hearted artist secretly in love with her twin sister's fianc becomeshis SUBSTITUTE BRIDE (2) when her sibling jilts him. But will her handso... Read More

He hasnt been much of a father, but now circumstances have left him to care for his five-year-old while working out of town. A beautiful small-town... Read More

When a Vegas showgirl inherits a diner, she has 72 hours to get to Wyoming to start a new life. Then her car is totaled in the desert in an acciden... Read More

The last thing the new surgeon wanted was to settle in the small town he grew up in. He wanted city life. But a beautiful pediatrician, working to... Read More

After being knocked out, kidnapped and left fighting for his life, David Cole awakens to a bizarre situation: he's recuperating in his kidnapper's... Read More

Gifted talent Shirley Kennedy makes her Signet debut with an intriguing tale of a young woman who goes from riches to rags and finds true wealth in... Read More

Leota Reinhardts garden had always been a sanctuary. Shed named it Victory to keep her spirits up during her husbands tour of duty in World War II.... Read More

The fine hand of Emily Hendrickson crafts a charming pastiche for our reading entertainment.

Miss Anne Haycroft does not want to ge... Read More

Fleeing a high-profile broken engagement, Vanessa Blanchard flies to Mexico hoping to soothe her wounded spirit. On the plane she meets handsome bu... Read More

Its 1878 and Adam Burke is a man stalked by the past. Estranged from a wealthy father who ran away with another woman, Adam sets out to proves his... Read More

Accountant Rina Matthews leaves her native Atlanta for a two-month working vacation at the home of her new client Abigail Whitney, of the Savannah... Read More

To rescue her son who's been kidnapped and taken to Mexico by her ex-husband, Eve Blackwell marries the long, tall Texas who's going to help her. O... Read More