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Curious, adventurous Amelia, a mermaid who is not content to stay in her world under the sea, follows a ship thousands of miles intent on seeing th... Read More

When portrait artist Emma Trafford’s sister spies on their new neighbors and believes she’s seen a murder, she attempts to find evidence of the cri... Read More

When Katie Daniels rushes into her morning meeting, she isn't expecting to be set off-kilter by her opponent, especially when said opponent is a st... Read More

Something ended the lifelong friendship between Hannah and Emory, but both refuse to discuss it with anyone. Emory’s hurtful words fester inside of... Read More

After losing her parents to a cholera epidemic when she was a child, Doctor Rosalind Werner is passionate about using science to fight waterborne d... Read More

During WWII Lena works for the Canadian government breaking Japanese coded messages. Though she is dedicated and loyal she fears her past as a gang... Read More

Jack has worked tirelessly with his vet buddies Gabe, Alex and ranch co-owner Becca to prepare to offer counseling and physical activities to other... Read More

When a traumatic car accident lands Addie in the ER, she can’t shake the feeling that everyone is hiding something from her. Her adoptive mother, C... Read More

With the notable exception of her eclectic taste in fashion, Comet Caldwell lives to blend in. Despite her flashy name, she is intensely shy, conte... Read More

When fifteen year-old Catherine Calhoun catches Elliot Youngblood taking a picture of her, it is the beginning of a sincere, deep friendship betwee... Read More

It was through the self-sacrifice of damned Myrcian merman Kalder Dupree that Cameron Jack and her brother were not trapped in hell by the evil Vin... Read More

On a rainy evening, while driving home after her high school tennis match, Amelia’s car stalls by the side of the road. Amelia steps out of her car... Read More

Floridians are no strangers to tropical storms, but as Leo looms on the horizon everybody is on full alert. National Guard Colonel Sawyer Kincaid f... Read More

Before she can accept a marriage proposal from a Boston beau, Alexandra Brighton decides to return to her childhood home. Stranded in Colorado, Ale... Read More

When Flora MacKenzie moved back to Mure, she thought things would progress nicely with her relationship with Joel. Unfortunately, his job is no les... Read More

When Beth’s sister tragically dies, her overprotective parents start to watch her every move as they don’t want to lose another child. One night at... Read More

Georgina Fernweh has still not come into her magical powers, and she’s starting to become worried that she never will. Her twin sister, Mary, has h... Read More

Mia Thrush is determined to see her PR client Jonathan Lake become the next mayor of New York City, whatever it takes. When Lake’s college-age daug... Read More

In 1940, Violet Harcourt longed to be a Hollywood actress, and she hoped winning a local beauty pageant would give her the “in” she needed. With th... Read More

Ryan Hess has not had an easy life. When he decides he has had enough of his overbearing stepfather and stepbrothers, Ryan crosses the border to Me... Read More

After their parents were killed by a drunk driver, the four Garrett sisters were raised by their grandmother. Des is the responsible sister — runni... Read More

With a healthy list of relationship rules, Blanche is dedicated to helping her clients put together the best possible dating profile — and land a f... Read More

Jacinda and her sisters deal with all types of clients at the Bourne Matrimonial Agency, but there is something about the Duke of Rydstrom’s reques... Read More

Louise knows somehow that she will mess up her relationship with Lavinia — it is only a matter of time. But in the meantime she will enjoy the fact... Read More

A young woman’s body is found in the dark and desolate Maine woods. There are indications she gave birth shortly before her death, but there are no... Read More

When the boundaries of the Nightside suddenly expand, the family matriarch sends Eddie Drood and Molly Metcalf to investigate. Attacked by a devour... Read More

Mariam Sharma has finally finished her first year of college. She’s looking forward to relaxing with her best friends: gorgeous Ghazala and religio... Read More

In “There Goes the Bride” by Allyson Charles, Savannah Loving is a runaway bride on her wedding day. When she takes off on a Ducati, she is pulled... Read More

Khai was chosen from infancy to become the shadow and protector of Princess Zariya. He was trained as a warrior and taught the value of courage and... Read More

Sidney Ryan has only made a few documentaries, but she’s been able to free more than one unfairly convicted prisoner, so it’s no surprise that plen... Read More

It is 1942 when General Dwight D. Eisenhower arrives in London to strategically plan the Allies next move with Churchill. He is assigned a driver w... Read More

One long ago summer, college kids Connie Reyes and Jonathan Pierce had a romance that they thought would continue, but career-minded Connie ends it... Read More

Wrenn Bailey and her sisters, Shannon and Piper, have grown up with a fair-weather father, who has drifted in and out of their lives for years. Tha... Read More

Ellen misses her friend, Mandy, who is now living in Hawaii with her husband Ken. When Ellen gets a phone call that Mandy’s husband has been hurt,... Read More

Silver Hollow is gearing up for “Oktobear Fest” with local artists, business owners and the community all embracing the teddy bear theme. As manage... Read More

Molly Stiles has a compact list and timeline for all of the goals she wants to accomplish. She promised herself she would take this time in her lif... Read More

Rose believes in ghosts. She believes because every afternoon after school she watches Netflix with her kid brother, Logan — who has been dead for... Read More

As army veteran Anneliese Thompson walks to her truck parked in a store parking lot, a spaceship arrives. On it is Nex, a scientist from the alien... Read More

In “Bearing His Name,” bear shapeshifter Ark has found his mate. He knows this as soon as Jade opens her door, but Jade thinks Ark is the father of... Read More

Finn and Layla are taking a road trip in France. They pull into a rest area at night where Finn goes in to use the facilities; when he comes out, L... Read More

After years of doing his rakish best, the Duke of Rathburne is seeking redemption and in a weak moment accepts the guardianship of Miss Marlena Fas... Read More

Lady Cassandra Shepherd is headed home to Virginia when her ship is attacked by the infamous Captain Rose. She is wary of the instant attraction sh... Read More

Six months after her husband died, Lanie Jacobs takes a temporary job as a graphic designer at a family owned winery. The always private Lanie find... Read More

Lillo Gray, in her borrowed dress and borrowed clunker-van, feels out of place at her friend Jessica’s society wedding at Kennebunkport’s fanciest... Read More

Hal Westaway is broke and trying to find a way out of her increasing debt and danger to the local loan shark. When she mistakenly receives a letter... Read More

In 19th century England, Garrett Wollstonecraft believes that his family is cursed; any woman that finds herself in love with a man in his family i... Read More

Branwen may have an honored position as maid to her cousin, Princess Eseult, but her past is dark with violence and loss. Rescuing a handsome young... Read More

When Carter Malone moved with his nephew to Tipton, Oregon, he expected a break from dangerous criminals. However, it seems that even small towns h... Read More

When torrential rains uncover the remains of five bodies, FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick is instantly reminded of a case involving the decades-old murd... Read More

After a lifetime of indulgence and excess, writer Alfonse Carducci has arrived at the Bar Harbor Home for the Elderly, a haven for elderly writers.... Read More