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Stand-in governess/mother/sister for the Illiakan Princess has taught Christina quite a bit, but perhaps not enough on how to guard her heart when... Read More

Persephone “Peri” Case is a very complicated person. She is an expert treasure salvager, an official for the Ministry of Antiquities and a pirate w... Read More

Gil has served his lord faithfully, but pretending to be him while fetching his resistant bride may be going too far. But the promise of owning his... Read More

Amanda Waverly’s mother sent her away to school to be educated as an accomplished lady; very far from her childhood training as a thief. Amanda has... Read More

When geneticist Paige Robson made the decision to start her family alone, she intentionally selected an anonymous donor and left the rest in the pa... Read More

David Galloway is wondering why he was chosen to be given the gift of immortality. He has seen and done things he will never forget. He lives as a... Read More

When Willa “Will” Lange’s friend invites her to stay at her Aunt Nora’s Bed and Breakfast, Will takes the opportunity to give herself a fresh start... Read More

General Mark Grimaldi has dedicated his life to his country; now he is in line for a promotion to Home Office Secretary, a position that requires a... Read More

Cosette LaCroix finds herself under Wilder Flynn’s 24/7 protection after her stalker reappears. Threats quickly increase, and Wilder worries he won... Read More

Lady Eva Hyde, aka Lady Unlucky, leaves England and three deceased fiancés behind to come to America and complete the hotel her father designed for... Read More

Flower seller Constance Piper has learned firsthand the evil that hides in London’s many shadows. But, guided by the spirit of her late teacher and... Read More

Eve, Joe Quinn and Michael’s lives are about to take a dangerous turn, as a killer is determined to force Eve to play his game. Watching from the s... Read More

Dr. Elwood Jackson has never gotten over his break up with Avery Montgomery. When the medical student left Michigan to write her own scripted telev... Read More

Through no fault of her own, Lady Lily Rutherford is abducted and trapped in a situation that will destroy her reputation. Oddly enough she is resc... Read More

Drisker Arc’s attempts to save the Druid order have backfired explosively, with the entirety of Paranor disappearing into the mist and the order’s... Read More

Jane Steward is glad school is back in session for her twin boys, Fitzgerald and Hemingway, as they were starting to get on her last nerve. Now she... Read More

Josie and Frank Moore have a strong marriage — or so Josie believes until the morning things change in a heartbeat. After realizing that Frank is h... Read More

She’s trained for this. She’s ready. Posing as his daughter, she convinces Carl Louis Feldman’s group home to let him go with her on a vacation, to... Read More

In the future, humanity has discovered how to utilize wormholes to travel and colonize space hundreds of light years from Earth. After the war betw... Read More

Following her harrowing escape from a private sanatorium, Adelaide Blake finds her way to Burning Cove and a job at the local tea shop. As word of... Read More

Having made his fortune in technology, Martin Reese has devoted himself to locating and digging up murder victims that the police have failed to fi... Read More

While Grace Baker mourns her brother dying in France, rumors fly that enemy submarines are near. But life must go on, she still has her family and... Read More

The dormant sheet of plastic that Torin Kerr and her team found is suddenly thrust back into the spotlight when Presit, who is now running for poli... Read More

Maya Brice is recovering from a crushing year; the same-day loss of her beloved grandmother and her own baby is still a black cloud of grief that h... Read More

The Kingsman twins, Aiden and Max, had a best friend who moved away. Fourteen years later, Oliver is back with a surprise revelation: he had a crus... Read More

When we last saw Taya and Garek, they realized that new Liege Lord Aidan has apparently been abducted by his father’s former Iron Guard. It will no... Read More

When four hikers are ambushed in Big Bend National Park, Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke arrives to track down the killer who is still at large in the vas... Read More

The Storm is made up of interconnected stories spanning 60 years of Bangladeshi history. Shahryar is the primary character, one desperate to find a... Read More

Life has been difficult for Tessa; her teenage daughter Ella has an inoperable brain tumour and has recently lost the ability to speak, her husband... Read More

Kellen Adams’ life has been anything but ordinary. One of the scariest and most unusual aspects is that she sustained a gunshot wound to the head s... Read More

Twelve years ago, Lei Zhang and Emma Nilsson survived the Sorority Row Murders, in which 21 women were brutalized and killed. Today, Lei and Emma l... Read More

In 2016 Natalie Abbott is the host of a popular radio program. She’s able to dole out parenting advice, but listeners don’t realize she’s unable to... Read More

Journalist Lily is on a mission as she arrives in Mexico with the purpose of going to the newly discovered temple of Agulinta, her deceased father’... Read More

Boston firefighter Gavin Boudreau loves his job. Especially when he gets to see the beautiful EMS worker Cait Tasker. The problem is that she treat... Read More

Dr. Lorenzo Conti is divorced and still smarting over his wife cheating on him and leaving him to be with her true love, and the father of the baby... Read More

Tobias Benton has been studying pre-med, ostensibly because it’s his passion, but lately he’s been questioning everything. What does he really want... Read More

Grace Trumball is in her forties and independent. She was taught at an early age to hide her emotions. This sense of detachment serves her well in... Read More

Now that the only humans who know about the rogue SecUnit that’s dubbed itself Murderbot have, unexpectedly, freed it instead of turning it in, Mur... Read More

Aging rocker Nick Cruickshank has invited his bandmates to his home in Paris for a charity concert and his wedding to his third wife, Aileen. Milen... Read More

While attempting to flee his dead-end life as an orphaned stable boy, Arcturus accidentally does the impossible: he summons a demon. After a flurry... Read More

Jett Draconis, lead singer and guitarist for Emerald Phoenix, spots Heather Myles after one of his concerts and is instantly drawn to her. She’s li... Read More

Even though his brothers have made peace with their new human lives, Alexei has struggled with guilt and regret. Trying to escape, he has been drin... Read More

When a meth-cooking neighbor is killed in a suspicious fire, Sheriff Wayne Thompson brings dreamwalker Baxley into the investigation to see if she... Read More

Navy SEAL David Holloway is sent to Key West on a discreet fact-finding mission involving the goddaughter of two of his commanding officers when th... Read More

Humanity has set up colonies in space but there is a price to pay for life on alien soil. The creation of bots that completely mimic human activity... Read More

Public relations representative Alicia Michaels returns to Atlanta just as Richmond Crawford is relocating there from New York. His sister-in-law i... Read More

Because she has been locked up for decades after a failed insurrection, Eldritch princess Thalia Talfayen knows she is in a precarious position eve... Read More

When Captain Mark Thomas is unexpectedly promoted, he’s sent to a coastal town where he has a chance to start life anew. Leaving his ex-wife behind... Read More

When Zoe Ferris won the lottery, it gave her the freedom to finally quit her soul-destroying job. On a mission to atone, she goes to the O'Leary ho... Read More

Half a million refugees are headed for the frontier as the capital city is occupied, and while soldiers guide them, war is never far enough away fo... Read More