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Sixteen-year-old Rin, a Poppy War orphan living in the poorest part of the Nikan Empire, did the impossible. She aced the Keju test which took her... Read More

Image of Last Chance Wife (Love Inspired Historical)

Winifred Sattler finds herself stranded in the Dakota Territory after her latest mail-order bride attempt fails. She is in desperate need of a job... Read More


When Emmie Elliot returns to her home town of Metlin, CA, following her grandmother’s death, the plan is to sell the building that housed her grand... Read More

Laura doesn’t know how to help her best friend’s widower, Allen, as they both struggle to accept Savilla’s untimely and shocking death, focusing in... Read More

Mila and Riley have been inseparable since Riley and her family moved to Cross Creek. When Riley took up an interest in practicing Wicca, Mila was... Read More

It’s been two years since Virginia “Vee” Miller last saw her first love, Cameron Fuller. She would have been fine going at least another two years... Read More

Matilda Castillo had big dreams of joining a contemporary dance company until an injury her senior year threatens to sideline her aspirations. With... Read More

Hope Donnigan is tired of her mother getting on her back about finding a man. To thwart the maternal nagging, she enlists the help of her friend J.... Read More

Winter is a spelling-bee champ, daughter of a parenting expert and all around “good girl.” She always follows the rules, colors inside the lines an... Read More

With a suitcase full of gold and bonds taken from the brutal Grady brothers, the three Barratt siblings join a wagon train headed to Oregon. To kee... Read More

Sophie Bigelow wants to hookup with someone — preferably a man who wouldn’t mind dealing with a twenty-five year old grad student who lives too muc... Read More

Millie Cooper has made a nice life for herself in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. A nurse “as good as any doctor,” she is a long way from the Nantucket... Read More

Jenna-Shea Brown suffers from PTSD as a result of something she witnessed. When she goes to move into her family’s beach cabin, she realizes the re... Read More

Clara has always been a prankster and a class clown, never taking anything seriously. Until her carefree summer is taken away after her last prank... Read More

The summer before his senior year, Noah Oakman is melancholy, though he’s unsure why. He has fantastic friends, a wonderful family and college scho... Read More

Joanna Langley is summoned home to the English countryside after her father’s passing. While clearing out her father’s residence, she finds a retur... Read More

Brandy Borne’s mama Vivian has done it again. This time, she’s decided to run for county sheriff. She wrangles Brandy into being her campaign manag... Read More

Lady Isabel Morrow and Bow Street Runner Callum Jenks met under unusual circumstances — over her husband’s dead body. Later they were involved in a... Read More

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Claire cares about two things in life: Demon Heart and writing fic about Demon Heart. But when Claire comes face to face with the Demon Heart cast... Read More

Jamie is certain her brother-in-law murdered her sister, but no one else believes her. She, as well as her six-year-old niece, is in hiding, trying... Read More

When Lilly Long receives a letter from her friend Nora Nash, she learns that Nora was lured to Fort Worth under the pretense of being a mail-order... Read More

Brady Collins is still adjusting to life as a single dad to nine-month-old Sam after his ex-wife died unexpectedly. Trying to juggle caretakers for... Read More

Linda Mueller realizes she does not interact much with her family. She is busy with her quilts and job, and she does not have much time for other t... Read More

Ellie, Daisy Winters’ older sister, is engaged to be married to a royal prince. Because of the engagement, Daisy finds herself in the spotlight, mu... Read More

Director Megan Harper is cursed. Every boy she has ever dated has subsequently fallen in love with another girl. After her last break up, Megan dec... Read More

Lonely, bored, stay-at-home mom Leah feels trapped in her solitary world living in a half-completed housing development. She has only one set of ne... Read More

When college football star Dawson Alexander becomes a suspect in the murder of his ex, his friend/landlord rushes to his rescue. Ex-teacher, aspiri... Read More

Martha Gellhorn is remembered as a great journalist and the only woman to land on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day — but when she met Hemingway in... Read More

Still reeling from a disastrous affair with her boss, Justine Winter decides to quit her job and return to her hometown to take over the management... Read More

When a brief encounter with billionaire Damon Gale leaves Princess Eleni pregnant, Damon spirits her away to his yacht in order to convince her to... Read More

Ada Rupp is not sure she can handle helping with her seven siblings while also working as a teacher for a class of special needs students. The mome... Read More

Ten years ago, the Thatcher family suffered a tragic blow when an accident claimed the life of their teenaged sister. In the aftermath, Payton comp... Read More

Fighter pilot Athan Dakar may be the youngest son of a famous (and infamous) military general, but his dreams lie far away from the front lines. Ne... Read More

Nikki Kill wants to uncover who killed her mother, and she’s scared that the murderer might be someone close to her. When she’s not trying to chase... Read More

Gemma finally has her life together. She owns her own company and has a loving husband and son. While her marriage isn't perfect, she loves her hus... Read More

Charlie Marder is not your average Congressman. He was thrust into politics because of his family’s ties and after the mysterious death of his pred... Read More

Six years after Isaiah James failed to hook up with Mark Whitley at a wedding, he is thrust back into the handsome SEAL's life following a tragedy.... Read More

After surviving what should have been a deadly werewolf bite and being in an induced coma for months, Vampire Prime Vivianne Marchetta is back at w... Read More

Of the four Warriner brothers, Jacob “Jake” Warriner seems bound to continue the family tradition of scandalous behavior. In truth, he is no rogue,... Read More

A tornado hits a small Minnesota town where Ben King is playing a concert. He had planned a surprise elopement with Kacey but rushes to a shelter i... Read More

P.I. Shane Colton is out walking his K-9 partner, Welsh corgi Stumps, one evening when they come upon fallen dog trainer Danica Gage behind the K9... Read More

Not popular and barely noticed, Twinkle Mehra wants be a filmmaker and have a chance to be seen through her art. When fellow student and geeky film... Read More

Orphaned Tanwen dreams of living in the palace, but when her story sculpting goes awry and she is accused of treason, her plans to become a royal s... Read More

Joseph Brooks survived multiple tours in Vietnam and now lives deep in the woods with his dog. He longs for the life he once strived for as a young... Read More

Trapped in a stifling spaceship in orbit around a long-frozen earth, Stella Ainsley dreams of nothing more than freedom. So when she is offered a p... Read More

When Rufus Holt’s half-sister, April, calls and begs him to come meet her, he decides to find out what she needs. Little does he know, until he and... Read More

With every link former FBI Agent Jane forges in her quest to take down the architects of the conspiracy to destroy free will and program society to... Read More

Jake Harrington and Jess Walters are the epitome of best friends with benefits. The roommates are there for each other in good times and in bad and... Read More

In 1906 Alma Mitchell reads of the murder of a Federal agent. It is the killer’s name that sends chills down her spine: Harry Muskrat (Asku), her c... Read More

After discovering her deceased husband, the Earl of Riverdale, was married when they wed, Viola Kingsley loses her wealth and position to his legit... Read More