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Dax Calder is at his wits end with the antics his twin daughters, Ivy and Fern, have been pulling since they have arrived to the Serengeti. His job... Read More

Substitute teacher Allison Brinkley and her family have just moved to New York City and they all must adjust to a smaller living space and the hust... Read More

The May Mothers are a group of women from Brooklyn whose babies were born in the same month. They share advice, trips to the park and an occasional... Read More

Five years have passed since the fateful day that changed Rory Abernathy’s life: she was about to marry Liam Bastian when it turned into a bloodbat... Read More

Sixx is a premier Domme at the Honey. But she wants to make a change. Her instinct is to move to another city; however, there is one man who could... Read More

Elderly heiress Josephine Bettendorf Warrick has asked for lawyer Brooke Trappnall to come to Talisa Island to meet with her about a legal matter.... Read More

Katherine Brooke is a wealthy heiress, but there is no joy in her life. Her parents keep her in a gilded cage hoping to marry her off to a titled g... Read More

Conor, the first-born son of the Celtic king, is a warrior for his tribe. The Darini is just one of the tribes of Eirlandia, an island that has bee... Read More

Austin-native Margaret Jacobsen has it all at the ripe age of 27. She's on the cusp of landing a dream job as a business developer, she bought the... Read More

NHL player Rockford James is back in his hometown to recover from an injury. He is hoping that he can get Quinn Rivers, his high school sweetheart,... Read More

Food columnist Hayley is excited when famous TV personality and cookbook author, Penelope Janice, invites her to her house to participate in her an... Read More

Within the walls of Grilled G's Gourmet Food Truck, owner and eternal optimist Gina Zoberski feels in control of her world. When she steps outside,... Read More

A tough-as-nails attorney, Cassie Allbright is always up for a battle in the courtroom, and her defenses make her a pro at her job. However, those... Read More

Sarandon Silver is very confident in himself because he knows what he wants. Right now he wants the sexy, courageous she-wolf bounty hunter, Jenna... Read More

Lord Randolph Cavanaugh is a man determined to make his fortune by investing in inventions that will lead the way into the future; like Throgmorton... Read More

Oichi is a shapeshifter, a ghost, a body snatcher, a doppelganger. She must be, in order to infiltrate the clans and upload the program left to her... Read More

Ruthie Beamish loves her house by the sea — she’s counting on it to be her retirement nest egg. But in order to afford it, she has to give it up ev... Read More

Roxane Weary has a new client named Arthur who believes his fiancé, Marin Strasser, is having an affair. He wants Roxane to nail her to the wall fo... Read More

Sarah Booth Delaney receives a call to attend a school board meeting, as the Wiccan sisters who recently moved to town plan to open a Wiccan school... Read More

Four years after her husband, Rory Kincaid, died in Iraq, Laura Adelman is still keeping her distance from the media, her family and anyone who wan... Read More

Laurel’s daughter, Ellie, disappeared ten years ago, and she’s been trying to move on. However, new clues have surfaced that may shed light on the... Read More

Alison is about to be married to the love of her life, David. As they prepare for the wedding, things should be perfect, but they are discovering t... Read More

Skinwalker Jane Yellowrock has a lot to face these days being the Enforcer to Leo Pellisier, the vampire Master of the City of New Orleans. When Le... Read More

Society is split in two: vampires are the elite and the majority of humanity is the working class. Desperate for money, Reyna decides to give her b... Read More

Nine years after millions of humans were wiped out in an alien purge, humans Rose Franklin, Vincent Couture and Eva Reyes return to Earth. But the... Read More

Dawn and Reese are at the end of their rope. Their money is gambled away, their cards are maxed out, their home is being foreclosed and they are ba... Read More

To the world her job is a PR specialist, but Justice Parish is also a well-trained assassin, who works with her covert sisterhood (and adopted brot... Read More

Kitchen witch Emma Holloway was banking on the proceeds from Pine Grove Island’s summer festival to fix her enchanted home’s roof and keep her char... Read More

Since their parents’ deaths, March Lawson has spent her young life raising her siblings. She has managed on little, but when money begins running o... Read More

In book six of the Ten Beach Road series, Maddie, Nikki, Avery and Kyra are preparing to meet the new owner of the Bella Flora, a gorgeous mansion... Read More

Linnet Ellery has worked tirelessly to earn her reputation at a prestigious New York vampire law firm, but lately, she’s been getting attention for... Read More

Eliyana Ember tumbles through a wormhole and finds herself in the Third Reflection in a foreign country with no mirrorwalking powers and no idea ho... Read More

Canadian Police Constable Kate Dexter is still recovering from a work related injury, so in the interim she has been cleaning out her recently dece... Read More

The Serene Republic of Raverra rules half the continent in relative peace, but to the north the Witch Lords rule. They are powerful wizards with ab... Read More

Attorney Ronan Hall is ruthless in the courtroom, especially when he is defending a man who has been wronged by a woman. So when Muriel Sanz's ex h... Read More

In an attempt to clear her name of murder, Abrianna Parker finds herself in a convoluted mess of kidnapping, conspiracy and murder. The highest pow... Read More

In the midst of an ongoing war between her country of Garnia and its enemy country Vinzhalia, Josette Dupre, captain of the airship Mistral, has he... Read More

Jamil “Milli” Rock and Gia Ellis are as different as night and day. She comes from a privileged family and has Olympic aspirations, while he is a d... Read More

Even though Stan betrayed her trust once before, Shelly has no other choice than to re-engage with him again. Someone is stalking her and she is co... Read More

Adelaide Langtry has returned to Whispering Pines with three siblings in her care and the backing to open a new orphanage in her grandmother's old... Read More

Prince Garrett is trying to move on with his life after being kidnapped and tortured by extremists. When he meets feisty redhead Lola Barnes while... Read More

Maisie Cothay was born with a fearsome power over life and death, and must find a way to navigate the world without causing undue harm. Her story i... Read More

When a crisis hits the O’Bannon family, they always turn to Nora for help. She’s the fixer, the one living the idyllic life, the caretaker. Yet whe... Read More

Lucas Davenport, now a federal marshal, has crossed paths in the past with a serial killer, Taryn Grant. He couldn’t prove she killed three people.... Read More

Shifter Angus Murray isn’t happy to be blackmailed into working for the Shifter Bureau, but when they threaten his beloved cub, Angus knows there i... Read More

Cheyenne warrior and US Army scout Two Wolves was raised in two worlds between his Cheyenne father and white mother. When he marries his beloved Cl... Read More


In a future Britain where human rights have been suspended and the government has been replaced by a singular Company, Theo Miller works in the Cri... Read More

Twelve-year-old Charlotte is determined to play detective after finding the only remaining possessions of her great-aunt, who vanished without a tr... Read More

On his first day reporting to work with The Search and Protect corporation, Raul gets an incoming call alert. It is from Mali, the sister of one of... Read More

Widowed three times, Lady Anna Fortescue is known as the Black Widow. Finally free from her last abusive husband, Anna thrives on her independence,... Read More