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Growing up, twins Waverly and Charlie were always quite close, but following their dreams sent them on courses to different continents. Waverley is... Read More

Liam Berne is heartbroken that his mother is suffering from Alzheimer's and is mentally slipping away every day. He decides the best thing would be... Read More

Naelin struggles balancing her responsibilities: motherhood, her new role as queen, following Daleina’s guidance and bringing new life and hope to... Read More

Everyone thinks Zee is a lesbian. And even though Zee has been in love with her best friend Cam for years, sometimes she wonders if maybe the world... Read More

When they were teens, Brianna Mannion, Seth Harper and Zoe Robinson were best friends. Despite the century old semi-feud between the Harper and Man... Read More

While Malin would rather go after Asher, who is being held captive by an underworld goddess, she has been given a special assignment to retrieve my... Read More

Princess Leonor is the eldest of the Sultan’s daughters and fed up with living in a gilded cage. When she notices the Spanish Knights being held fo... Read More

Lola Dayton has run away from a cult, and its leader who wants her for his own. With nowhere to go, Lola runs to the one person that she believes w... Read More

Rachelle Matthews is a young girl living in Eden, Utah. Though blind, she appears to be just like any other girl. Yet after she undergoes a procedu... Read More

After Sari catches her boyfriend, Zev, kissing another girl, her couple-centric plans for winter break fly out the window. Heartbroken, she tries t... Read More

Harrison has just secured his future. He’s got the money, he’s got the fiancée and it’s time to settle down. In an effort to finally marry his one... Read More

After sixteen-year-old Tiffany Sly loses her mother, she travels across the country to go live with her biological dad, a man she’s never known. He... Read More

After being dumped by her fiancé, Dr. Maggie Maguire’s friends book her on a cruise, where she learns she’ll be speaking about “New Year, New You.”... Read More

Fourteen years ago, Kaitlin Roe witnessed the abduction of her cousin Gina — and ran away, leaving Gina to a fate that Kaitlin can only imagine. No... Read More

Noah has been recovering at his parent’s house following the horrific IED explosion that killed his friends and left him with a brain injury as wel... Read More

Dr. Gene Du Bois is given the chance to head up a research project in Switzerland and his four-year-old son, Rory, is along for the ride. When he a... Read More

In the bloody, political wake left by Napoleon when he marches toward Russia, Celeste Fournier goes by many names. Her disguises are legendary, and... Read More

Journalist Nadine has come back home to Rodeo, Montana, from New York City. One of her first journalistic assignments includes interviewing rancher... Read More

Sixteen-year-old Olive Galloway believes her life couldn’t get any worse. First, her mother dies, and then her dad leaves her and her sister at the... Read More

Claire MacKenzie has a loving husband, a gorgeous new home and an adorable baby boy. Despite the fact that they’ve recently moved from her native C... Read More

When Megan Montgomery decides to relocate from Albany to Portland, her goal is twofold: set up a new computer system for the family business and re... Read More

Three years after their first defense of Glenlyon, former fleet officer Rob Geary and former Marine Mele Darcy find themselves once again tasked wi... Read More

When Prosecutor Sophie Dawson witnesses the murder of two innocent people at a convenience store, she is the sole witness in the case against Ricky... Read More

Lieutenant Greer Burns has always played by the book; he's a big believer in rules and holds the recruits he trains at the police academy to the sa... Read More

Bardot has unearthed another body and under the watchful eye of the neighborhood spy and her cop nephew, Halsey and the Rose Avenue Wine Club take... Read More

Cassidy DiRocco is a survivor. She will do whatever it takes to keep what she values most: her career, her life and getting payback on the person w... Read More

Lady Cecily has just seen her last brother happily wed, but that means she is now the family spinster. Dreading having to live off their charity, s... Read More

An alliance of five kingdoms set in the continents of North and South Tembria has just ended bloodily when four kings betray the fifth, and divide... Read More

Tara Maxwell always tried to live up to the expectations of her family and the elite Charleston society in which she was raised. But with her fortu... Read More

In <em>Dangerous Mating</em>, Bryon Day is being held captive while investigating a human trafficking ring. FBI agent Kari Tomlin is as... Read More

McKenna Rhodes grew up on her father’s salvage ship, the Gale Force, groomed to take the reins upon his retirement. But his death on the sea caused... Read More

Cordelia, Lillian and Aristide have all fled, settling into the lives they’ve had to compromise for since the fall of Amberlough. Their secrets sim... Read More

Gwen Hamilton has been in love with her best friend, August Cruz, for a long time, but she broke off communication with him when he got a serious g... Read More

Sherry Frazzelle loves entering amateur cooking contests. She is excited about being in a local contest hosted by an organic food company. When it... Read More

Most men would dream of a super-rich fiancé like Alan, who wants to pamper and play all the time, but Ben Shane enjoys his independence and his wor... Read More

Firefighter and single dad Jake Bennett needs a friends-only date to his sister’s destination wedding and thinks his best bud’s little sister is th... Read More

Widow Naomi is shocked that Elam, her former beau, has the nerve to return to their community after the pain and heartache he caused her and her fa... Read More

Margot is dead, but that doesn’t mean everyone else in her sorority has to stop living their own lives, right? Why should everything stop — and why... Read More

Jasmine Kingford has always toed the line set by her wealthy physician parents, but she wants to be a pediatric nurse, not a med student. She is su... Read More

Elliott Thompson, a historian whose promising academic career was derailed by his ex-lover’s criminal behavior, responds to the stress of job-hunti... Read More

Highly organized journalist Catarina Everhart writes for an online media affiliate and considers herself to be at the top of her game. But ratings... Read More

The surrender has been signed to end the United States’ second civil war, but for the partisans and prisoners who survived the horrors of the war,... Read More

All work and no play leaves cafe owner Autumn Primm yearning for more in life. Still feeling the sting of her ex-girlfriend's wedded bliss, she dec... Read More

Jacob Burrows is a virgin in more ways than one: he is romantically inexperienced and relatively new to competitive swimming. However, at only 19 y... Read More

Adrienne Montgomery, her brother and two cousins have opened up a new tattoo shop, but it seems as if some members of the community are not too hap... Read More

An FBI interrogator and expert in confessions, Rob Barrett has been brought back to his Maine hometown — a town full of illegal drugs and dark memo... Read More

Following a horrific incident in a cave, Hana leaves her mother and twin sister in Hawaii to make a new life in New York City. The aftermath of the... Read More

When police officer Callie Burke is shot in the line of duty, she’s forced to stay with Taylor Fletcher, her late best friend’s widow. The attracti... Read More

When Taryn Robinson’s boyfriend betrays her, she decides a new start is in order. She leaves her teaching job in NYC and heads to West Virginia to... Read More

Due to her facial scars — and the rumors about them — Celia has long been the outcast of Rock Springs; so when an equally scarred stranger appears,... Read More