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Mia Palazzo doesn't just cook — food is her entire life, especially since she's the head chef of a top Portland restaurant. When the restaurant, Se... Read More

New mother Lucia struggles to keep her waning magic a secret from those who fear her power, while Jonas’ determination to support her is tested w... Read More

Christopher Marland and Eliza Ellicott are reunited after Chris broke her heart when they were younger. Now they are both educated and have found s... Read More

Though the Civil War ended when soldiers rose from the dead and slavery was abolished, that doesn’t make Jane McKeene feel like any less of a sla... Read More

When an earthquake hits their hospital, Dr. Jenny Gordon, Dr. Mark Stewart and Chaplain Joseph Waters form a friendship that will last them through... Read More

Enne lived a life of luxury far from New Reynes, the City of Sin. But she ventures into the city in search of her mother, who may as well be dead... Read More

Walker Simmons has been in love with Mitzi for years but he must keep it a secret from everyone because Mitzi is married to his best friend. Walker... Read More

The governess agency might turn away Miss Mari Perkins, but not before she learns that Edgar Rochester, Duke of Banksford, is in dire need of a car... Read More

Haley returns to her grandparents’ farm for summer vacation from her teaching job in the city. One of the first people she runs into is Bentley, th... Read More

Wealthy architect Joshua Grayson recently moved back to Copper Ridge from the big city for the calming pace of mountain living. When his meddling... Read More

Dr. Cash Stetson had everything in life going for him: fantastic career, loving family and great friends. When his life suddenly falls apart, he tu... Read More

As the beloved daughter of an American general, Elizabeth Schuyler is a true patriot. The most unassuming Schuyler sister, she is intelligent and e... Read More

Easygoing Nolan hosts Mornings with Wood, a popular Austin radio show with shtick segments like Naked News and Date-a-Palooza. After his disastrous... Read More

A decade ago, a strange and terrifying disease began attacking settlements across the desert — a disease that changes those infected from humans... Read More

University student Cameron Reed tends bar at The Fix, a local Austin hotspot that has recently begun a sexy calendar campaign to save the popular e... Read More

Eelyn is as tough as any man in her Aska clan. On the verge of adulthood with a life of brutality and bloodshed ahead of her, her fierce determinat... Read More

Bo St. James’s life hasn’t gone according to plan but she’s hardened her heart and gotten on as best she can. Her shattered dreams of becoming a do... Read More

Having been unchained from fate, the Norse gods Hel and Loki, along with their dark pantheon of allies, are preparing to launch Ragnarok — the end... Read More

Xenosystems Operations has won the contract to colonize Mars and wants to do it on the cheap. Since XO also operates for-profit prisons in the Unit... Read More

Grizzly Berg Dunn... Read More

Daphne Marist is hardly the first woman to struggle with motherhood. After all, her Westchester support group is full of well-coiffed moms with $70... Read More

Kate Dearborne is caught between her traditional father (who proudly insists that the weaving traditions remain unchanged) and her more visionary... Read More

Blake Monroe is an eccentric bartender who always says what’s on her mind. The first day at her new part-time job at The Coffee Bean, Blake notices... Read More

Does the past repeat itself? FBI profiler Lilah Love is about to find out. When a violent murder case brings her back to her hometown, she’s not on... Read More

In 1448 Romania, Vlad Dracul sent his twin half-brothers away before a final fateful battle. Alexandru and Andrei were feared and hated by most bec... Read More

Deborah Harkness, her younger sister and two toddlers are the only survivors of a deadly attack on their small wagon train. Stranded in the Sierra... Read More

This collection of short stories illustrates the pain and anguish that plagues the black community, both externally and internally. It’s telling th... Read More

Lilah Holcutt has little use for her best friend’s brother-in-law, Constantine “Con” Moreland. The prim and proper miss believes Con is far too fli... Read More

The wild magic of Innis Lear has been lost at the obsessive hand of Innis Lear’s king, whose focus on prophecies has made the isle and its access t... Read More

Jen Covington is excited to finally have a family after the recent adoption of her daughter, who will be in second grade at the local school, tho... Read More
The novices of the Convent of Sweet Mercy have reached Mystic Class on their way to becoming Brides of the Ancestor. They must now begin their se... Read More
Bronko knew full well, even after destroying their arch-enemy at Gluttony Bay, that they had not seen the last of Allensworth. Now that he has re... Read More
With her sister Maybe now seriously dating Alexsei Petrov, Rachel has been seeing a lot more of Alexsei’s cousin Vicktor Orlov and his family. Vi... Read More
After losing his first wife to cancer, Dr. Noah Alderman is happily married to Maggie, with one son and a thriving medical practice. His life is... Read More
When the ill-fated Endgame Ops mission went dreadfully wrong, it cost lives. Jude Dagan watched in horror as his lover Ella Banning was killed. H... Read More
Jack and his girlfriend, Syd, attend an open house where they discover their dream home. Months later, after they move in, their excitement turns... Read More
Eve Chandler is ready to make her mark on the world — and she'll do it without her family's help. Of course, life as a Chandler is nothing if not... Read More

The King family is nothing if not dysfunctional. There is no love lost between Beckett King and his father, but together they dominated the Houston... Read More

Fifteen years ago Abigail Winthrop’s best friend Cassandra Martin was apparently murdered by serial killer Dr. X, aka Dr. Howard Wells. Cass was... Read More

The penniless Soren York, Earl of Dewsberry, only wants Cassandra Holwell, his childhood friend and family’s enemy. Generations back the Holwell’s... Read More

Christopher “Kit” Ellingsworth, Earl of Blakemere, returns home a war hero with vices that leave him near penniless. His mentor’s death presents Ki... Read More

Entrepreneur Gabriel Flanagan never expected to be welcomed back to his hometown with open arms by his ex-bestie … especially after practically c... Read More
Detroit crime reporter Julia Gooden is working the story of a young Hispanic man’s death. The victim was shot in the chest with an arrow, a crime... Read More
Damian Ward knows that the Federals will return to Haven after their failure to stop the rebellion with an experienced army that Haven’s own will... Read More
Macy Sorensen’s life may not be all that exciting, but it’s stable. Her pediatrics residency is fulfilling, and her future looks secure with her... Read More
After 50 years and the near decimation of his clan, Priest Rahandras isn’t expecting to find his mate at all. But a Volán male recognizes his fat... Read More
Jillian James never stays in one place for too long, having been taught the ways of the nomad by her father — the man who raised her and then aba... Read More

Violet believes the death of her domineering father means she is finally free — until the will is read and she must marry the heir of the Amberton... Read More

Three years ago, actress Monique Servais’ wit sparked surprising emotion in spymaster Baron Fulkham; something he’s never forgotten. So, when he la... Read More

Matthew has had his eye on this gorgeous, curvaceous, blue-eyed Ice Queen for some time, but he could never seem to seal the deal. When a friend... Read More