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Gwennoreis an elf. Although she is used to being feared, she only wants to find her place in this world and be of help. Her gift to discern illness... Read More

In 1939, American newlywed Ruby Henderson Benoit moves to Paris, and adores all the beautiful city has to offer … until the Nazi occupation begins.... Read More

Ballerina Laura Delgado has relied on the structure of ballet and her need to protect herself to create a steady routine with no room for distrac... Read More
Alex and Eliza Hamilton are in love and excited to start their new married life together … but it comes with its first struggle. When Alex makes... Read More
Mars Xi might be a telekinetically powerful voidwitch, but that doesn’t prevent the forces of the Empire’s secret science MEPHISTO division from... Read More
Not fitting in to their local grief support group, Nan, Monica and Grace become an unlikely trio whose friendship couldn’t be closer. Nan is a wi... Read More
It’s in a park where wealthy businessman Knox Benedict finds his estranged secret wife, attorney Bea Jacobs, crying because of a note she receive... Read More
When the clairvoyant Theia Dawn (a Carlisle sister) meets Lucien Smok at her sister's wedding, she's immediately attracted to the scientist/playb... Read More
Hollywood golden boy Rhett Bryan is coming back home to Moonlight, South Carolina, as he struggles with the fallout of a tragic accident. Summer... Read More

Maggie Hughes is the daughter of a French mother and an English father growing up in rural Quebec who falls in love with a local farmer’s son, Gabr... Read More

King Michael, obsessed with knowing the date the space shuttles will return to Cape Canaveral and take them all to the heavens, doesn’t realize t... Read More
Emily Glass is a neurotic mess due to her childhood — her therapist mother diagnosed everyone in the family, and now her siblings are just as mes... Read More
Opening with the harrowing rescue of Amara Resnova from her kidnappers, Riordan Malone is the only reason that Amara wants to survive. However, t... Read More
After spending a decade in prison for a murder he didn't commit, DNA results free Atlas Chariton and he heads to London to track down Lexi Haring... Read More

Lord Robert Carlisle is determined to see his business grow by obtaining a partnership in Winslow Shipping. The catch? He has to find the the owner... Read More

Michael Daniels grows up in suburban New Jersey working with his grandmother in the family’s candy store. It’s there that he sets up a makeshift ra... Read More

A world-renowned magician, Finnian Kane is devoted to her career and her atheism … until tragedy leaves her in doubt and despair. Hiding away in... Read More
As the new right-hand woman for an eccentric software company CEO, Sophia Young is trying to navigate her way around Silicon Valley. While trying... Read More

Child of a Titan and a water nymph, Circe is treated with disdain by her family as she appears more mortal than godlike. Circe is there when Promet... Read More

Escaping from a dangerous Russian mob is the last thing medical student Madelyn Thompkins expected to be doing. It wasn’t long ago when Madelyn w... Read More
For her 40th birthday, Jenna Jones got a divorce she didn’t want, complete with spousal support she can’t afford to pay. She also got an invitati... Read More
Lennon and Zorie haven’t spoken in months after their experiment to be more than friends failed, leaving Zorie with a broken heart. Now they’re f... Read More
Fia McKee, former Baltimore cop and current Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau (TPRB) agent, is working undercover at the Saratoga Racetrack t... Read More
In “A Legacy of Love” by Amy Clipston, Susie has plans to marry her dependable fiancé, but spending time with her former boyfriend, Leon, pr... Read More
Driving the carpool doesn’t just mean that you get to observe your neighbor’s kids. It also means you get to observe your neighbors. And Frances... Read More
Tessa Jamison has served 10 years in prison for the murder of her ten-year-old daughters, Poppy and Piper, and her husband, Joel. When a new law... Read More
Carmen Jacobs, the bestselling author of The Heart of a Predator, which explored the crimes of a number of famous serial killers, is trying to ta... Read More
Freya, Harun and Nathaniel are in New York City one day, each grappling with the reality of what they have lost and what that means. Freya has lo... Read More

Beginning at the end of her life and moving towards her childhood, Anna Anderson relays her struggle to prove she is the Princess Anastasia, the la... Read More

Former Army Ranger Dakota (Cody) Jones is back in Sullivan’s Crossing with his siblings, Sierra and Cal. Cody is not sure what he wants to do, bu... Read More
Dante Green has spent years of his life undercover, using his career as a means to distance himself from the foster brother he’s always loved. Fi... Read More
Maddie Montgomery likes to play it safe in her life and relationships, so her career as a librarian is a perfect fit. That’s where she encounters... Read More

The only thing Navy SEAL Wolf Tate wants is the “real” family his father promised him. So if Wolf kills his enemy Cesare, he will finally be reunit... Read More

With her life in ruins and facing poverty, Lady Sophia Acton has no choice but to act as the wife of prosperous French wine merchant, Jean-Luc Baud... Read More

After leaving her deadbeat husband who was cheating on her, Britta Johnston heads to Aunt Elin’s floral boutique in Portland, Oregon. The boutiqu... Read More

When new barrister Daniel Pitt and his associate lose a prominent defense case and his client is sentenced to be hanged, their boss takes issue. Da... Read More

Brigette, an American “finding herself,” is hired as an au pair and finds herself drawn to the owner, Hugo. It is her desire to help him heal his t... Read More

Deputy U.S. Marshal Casey Sloane will be glad when her current case is over. Protecting a witness until they can get her to Washington, D.C., is... Read More
Kessed Ling has spent her whole life loving her best friend’s older brother, but he always saw her as a second little sister. So when the handsom... Read More
Sloane’s military husband has gone missing in action, and she is paralyzed with fear and worry. Her mother, Ansley, has to watch her children bec... Read More
Lion hybrid Tanner Howland has left the love of his life behind in an attempt to protect her from what he has become. Dr. Zarina Sokolov has an a... Read More
All her life, Henrietta Gordon has wanted to practice medicine, just like the uncle who raised her. Her uncle, however, wants her to stay in Lond... Read More
A shocking triple murder in Manhattan's Diamond District sees Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs quickly investigating the scene. Strangely, the murd... Read More
Danny Cheng thinks being accepted to RISD is his ticket to freedom. He just has to survive his senior year and he’ll be free of Cupertino. Not al... Read More

As the child of small-time gambler Ike Silver and dancer Dina Wells, eight-year-old Esme Wells knows how to catch Bugsy Siegel’s eye in an attempt... Read More

A mysterious blond warrior saves 12-year-old Lady Isabel from being raped by soldiers, and though she isn’t able to see his face clearly, she will... Read More

Two years ago, Kelly Stockwell disappeared from Texas Ranger Jameson Beckett’s  life without a trace. Jameson tried to find Kelly to no avail. No... Read More
Leah is happy. She is marrying her true love, Jude, whom she has loved since she was a young girl. Leah realizes she is going to be an instant mo... Read More
Jess’s world is forever upended when her twin sister Anna dies in what appears to be a tragic accident. Though identical by birth, in personality... Read More
Katie Tribani’s world is rocked when she learns the truth about her father: he is a crime lord and he has found her. Unbeknownst to Katie, she’s... Read More