Editorial Submissions


To have your book considered for review, please submit a PDF copy of the book four months BEFORE the book is published to ReviewQuery@RTBookReviews.com.

The SUBJECT LINE of your submission email should read:

“For Review Consideration: [your book title]  -  [your publication date].”

In the body of your email: also include author name, book title, publishing information and date, 13 digit ISBN, price, page count and genre/sub-genre of your book.

We receive thousands of review requests each month and only a very small percentage of these unsolicisted books will get reviewed.

For more information regarding our ratings system, click here.

Advertising Opportunity

Whether or not your book is eligible for review, you might also want to consider advertising the book as another way to bring it to the attention of our readers. Information on our different ad options is at https://www.rtbookreviews.com/advertising. For any questions or to schedule advertising, please email Giselle@RTBookReviews.com.


If you are interested in contributing editorial content to RTBookReviews.com, please e-mail Kristin Wise at webmaster@RTBookReviews.com, and specify in the subject line of the e-mail the type of content you’d like to contribute. Also, be sure to include your contact information including name, pen name, author website and/or Goodreads page, and the title and release date of your most recent (or upcoming) book.

We ask that authors provide original, engaging ideas if they wish to contribute editorial content. We're interested in content that promotes and encourages reader discussion. We ask that all web editorial content be exclusive to rtbookreviews.com. Editorial space is not guaranteed and is given at the editors' discretion.

Please send us your ideas, but keep in mind we are looking for interesting, innovative and fresh content. Nothing is too big or too small as long as it is engaging and entertaining.

We also accept submissions for new book deals and ebook price reductions, for consideration in our weekly columns "Forewords" and "Cheaper by the Dozen," respectively.  You can find the new book deal submission form here and the ebook price reduction form here.


We are transitioning from print to web-based editorial. There will be a paid portal where members will receive EXCLUSIVE content. You may query Emily@RTBookReviews.com for inclusion in this exclusive paid portal. Space is open to all authors. Authors should be sure to submit their editorial materials by the correct due dates. Please do NOT send complete articles unsolicited. Query us first.

If you are interested in contributing to one of our columns, please contact Emily Walton at Emily@RTBookReviews.com or (718) 237-1097 ext. 107.

Note: Editorial space is NOT guaranteed. It is given at our editors' discretion. Because space is limited, please contact us in advance. Also, we want to explore a variety of topics. If your idea has already been done, advance contact provides the opportunity to identify another angle.

Some of the columns available for submission are:

Behind the Scenes: (750-800 words)
Anecdote, essay. This column allows authors to captivate readers' imaginations using the backdrop of their novel, the story behind the story. Consider a real-life event that inspired your novel, firsthand research experience or a social issue that spurred your imagination. 

Feature: (800-1100 words) Authors can brainstorm feature-length articles. All query letters are welcome.

Pros on Prose / Writer Tips: (650-750 words)
A how-to column that instructs intermediate and new writers. Pitches should include any specific expertise, as well as general publishing history.

Queries may be submitted by e-mail (Emily@RTBookReviews.com). Upon acceptance, editorial content should be submitted to Emily by the deadlines listed below.


Book Publication Date
Editorial and Galleys Due
September 1
October 1
November 1
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