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Help with Ebooks and ereaders etc ?

Hi !
I hope someone can help me with this "weird" questions?

I hoping to buy some e- book titles but I do not know how I can buy them ?

I do not own a Kindle or a Nook or a Kobo, my e-reader/e-bookreader is some random brand (apparently does not exist any more)
that I bought about 5 years ago here in Sweden (where I live) It's is/was called EB78 and it works fine and all that but it is not a Kindle etc, but it does accepts different formats like : Epub, pdf, HTML, TXT.

I do own a smartphone (android) and a older chroomebook .... but a Kindle/Kobo/Nook is just to expensive for me right now.

I have bought e-books from Smashwords and Google Play before and that has worked fine, but some of the authors "just" have their books on either Barnes and Noble or Kobo or Amazon and ibooks.
And I do not know how those work ? What formats do you get when you buy e-books from Barnes and noble or Kobo ? or any of the others?
Do they offer Epub or Pdf or what ?
Do they allow members from other countries (Sweden etc)?
I have no idea how it works and well I need some help with this ??
I'm begging for some help with this !