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Where No Woman Has Gone Before (Except They Totally Have): Ann Leckie & Rachel Bach On Gender & The Science Fiction Community

With plenty of recent discussion about diversity in SFF, we were thrilled to see two female authors, Ann Leckie and Rachel Bach, with science fiction titles out this fall. Not only that, but they're both space operas featuring heroines who put it all on the line.

RT Does NYCC: The Cosplay Recap!

Geek Pride was in full force this weekend at the Javits Center for the 2013 New York Comic Con — and of course RT was in attendance. I, along with Assistant Web Editor DJ DeSmyter, got in on the fun. Below are some of my favorite NYCC cosplayers (that's "people who dress up in character costume" for you Muggles out there) from the weekend.

August Science Fiction/Fantasy Overview

This month's notable science fiction and fantasy titles are all over the map. From an epic king seeking revenge to a steampunk adventure, a magical librarian, an alien invasion and a dark mystery, there's no lack of variety in August's selection of speculative fiction. Read on to learn more about the stories we recommend, and see what our expert reviewers had to say.