Author Interview: Jeaniene Frost On Her New Anthology

Just in time for Halloween, two of the top names in vampire romance are releasing an anthology. The Bite Before Christmas features stories from Jeaniene Frost and her Night Huntress characters Cat and Bones and Lynsay Sands is back with her Argeneau vampires. If you need to get caught up with both series, make sure to meet us on the RT Daily Blog on Monday at 2:00 when we will be giving away both authors’ Avon book backlists along with a $50 gift card. While you wait, we decided to give you a taste of Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress world with this interview between RT's Morgan and the author that took place during last week’s Comic Con.

Morgan Doremus: You are best known for your Night Huntress series featuring Cat and Bones. Readers who have been following this couple's story were surprised (and thrilled) to learn that you will be expanding the series from seven to nine books, not to mention the story that we see in next week’s The Bite Before Christmas. Why the expansion?

Jeaniene Frost: Two years ago I was on the phone with my editor and realized I had never told her how the series would end. I ran it by her and she really loved it. But then she pointed out that there was way more story than would fit into two more books. I outlined the arc and came to the same realization. So seven books turned into nine books. But, there is a firm finish at nine.

Morgan: Ever since the series’ beginning, you have known how you were going to wrap things up. Has anything happened in the intervening years that has surprised you when it comes to these books?

Jeaniene: I always knew what would happen between Cat and Bones, but I was really surprised by my side characters. While I was writing them, they developed a life of their own. I have already told two character’s stories, Spade in First Drop of Crimson and Mencheres in Eternal Kiss of Darkness. I was really never expecting spin-offs.

Morgan: Cat started off hating vampires, now she is married to one. Her and Bones are are so well matched and so solidly bonded, how to do keep the tension going between them?

Jeaniene: Their external circumstances leads to internal pressure. Their relationship is definitely going to be tested in the next few books.

Morgan: If by “external circumstances” you mean fighting off evil, then definitely. You never give your characters a break. They can’t even get a holiday to themselves.

Jeaniene: Yeah. In the upcoming “Home For The Holidays", they have every intention of having a normal family holiday. But it all goes to hell and ends up anything but normal. Cat and Bones will get some time off, but not until the close of the series. Until then, it is game on!

Morgan: So we will see some drama in the short story?

Jeaniene: Absolutely, but I will tell you that it is a bit more than a short story. “Home for the Holidays” is actually half the size of a full book, so there is lots going on — including a huge reveal about Bones’ past.

Morgan: Finding out that you have more books in the Night Huntress series is not your only big news. You have also announced you are also starting the Night Prince series which will feature Vlad the Impaler, and will be out in the spring of next year.

Jeaniene: When I started writing about vampires, I never intended to include Dracula. I had made a firm decision to never go there. But in Cat and Bones’ third book, Vlad showed up. I kept trying to edit him out, but he was demanding.

Morgan: You have paired Vlad with Leila. He is so strong and imposing and she is a scarred mortal. What draws him to her?

Jeaniene: Vlad is amazed at Leila’s ability to handle darkness. She is psychic and through touch can see the worst, most shameful deeds a person has committed. She got the power very suddenly, which meant it would either break her or make her stronger. It made her stronger. While Vlad has had 580 years to assimilate the darkness, she has seen just as much but only has had 25 years to deal with it. Vlad is rarely intrigued, but Leila intrigues him.

You can pick up your own copy of The Bite Before Christmas in stores next Tuesday. And be sure to stop by on Monday at 2:00 for your chance to win Frost's Avon backlist and a $50 gift card. For more paranormal author interviews and all the latest genre news, check out our Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Page!