Characters and the Wines that Love Them: Kate Meader's Hot and Bothered — and a Giveaway!

White wine goes with fish, red wine with … meat? Those wine pairings always get us, we can never remember which goes with which. But today we’ve got a book-inspired wine post that is far more up our alley. Kate Meader, whose Hot and Bothered is out this week, has paired her Hot in the Kitchen series characters each with a kind of wine. Want to know more? Us too! Be sure to check out the bottom of the post for givewaway details, you could win a copy of Hot and Bothered — and a gift certificate to! Tell us more, Kate:

In Hot and Bothered, book three of the Hot in the Kitchen series about an Italian restaurant-owning family and the sizzling chefs who love them, we meet best friends who want more, Tad DeLuca, bad boy wine bar owner, and Jules Kilroy, single mom and reformed naughty girl turned budding chef. But when Jules decides it’s time to start dating, Tad realizes that he has to do something about it, and quick, so he hires Jules to cook at his wine bar, with the goal of keeping her close to hand and too busy to date. Then he begins wine and cooking lessons, which are guaranteed to turn the kitchen’s cozy confines hot and steamy.

Here’s a quick run down of the main characters in the Hot in the Kitchen world and their wine twins.

Feel the Heat

Jack Kilroy

Jack is arrogant, cocky, and British and his specialty is French—both cuisine and dirty talk. With that smooth accent, his wine would be velvety and rich. Franc Sauvignon would be Jack’s wine twinsie, a blend of Cab Sauv and Cab Franc. It has great mouthfeel, as Lili can attest!

Lili DeLuca

Lili is a full-figured, voluptuous woman with a quick wit. She would be ideally paired with Montepulciano, which is complex and bold with soft peppery tones and nuances of spice. Just like the woman herself.

All Fired Up

Cara DeLuca

What can we say about the woman nicknamed “Lemon Tart” by her co-workers? Cara is elegant, polished, acerbic, and given to impulsive decisions after too many martinis! She’s sticking to Pinot Grigio from now on. Pleasantly tart, hints of honey and herbs, with a clean, crisp finish.

Shane Doyle

So laid back it’s a wonder he can stay upright, Irish pastry chef Shane is the perfect complement to Cara’s high energy and rigid nature. The characteristics of Merlot would be a good match for his personality: supple, mellow, with hints of red fruits and mint. Merlots should be enjoyed relatively young—something Cara found out when she woke up married to a man five years her junior!

Hot and Bothered

Jules Kilroy

Jules is probably more a beer kind of girl but a wine with her particular characteristics would be mellow, earthy, and accessible, like a nice Malbec. Malbecs tend to be medium to full-bodied with plum or cherry notes.

Tad DeLuca

Tad is sex-on-Italian-legs, an out and out charmer with a rock hard body and waves of dark hair framing his face like a wimple of sin. Yeah, he’s yummy. His wine would have silky and chocolate characteristics but would be full-bodied enough to handle anything—including a cheeky Brit like his best gal pal, Jules. Tad would go with a versatile Cabernet Sauvignon.

- Kate Meader

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