Excerpt Break: A Steamy Scene From Alice Clayton's The Unidentified Redhead

Sometimes you just need to read a sex scene in the middle of the afternoon, we understand. And we're here for you. For hump day, we're offering this very naughty snippet from Alice Clayton's The Unidentified Redhead. In this scene, up-and-coming actress Grace Sheridan finally gets to do the deed with younger British superstar Jack Hamilton. Curious? Read on ...

Jack gazed at me as he slowly slipped my shirt from my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. He ran his hands down the length of my arms, his fingers entwining with mine. Then he crossed our hands behind me as he kissed me long and deep, pressed so tightly against me, I almost couldn’t breathe. In a really good way.

As soon as he released my hands, they found their way to their new home, tangled in his hair. He feathered kisses down my neck to my collarbone, and my breath caught in my throat. Jack smiled against my skin, knowing this was my sweet spot. I felt his hands as they unclasped my bra, adding it to the pile at my feet. He bent his head and left a trail of kisses across the tops of my breasts, his hands traveling up to cup them gently. His thumbs grazed my nipples and I almost came out of my skin.

“That feels amazing.” I sighed, watching him attend to me. “Oh my” left my mouth as I dropped my head back to enjoy. His tongue flickered across my right nipple and his mouth zeroed in, taking me between his lips. His teeth softly encircled me, biting gently. I cried out, letting him know that this was exactly what I needed. His teeth nibbled more insistently and his left hand began to move toward my legs. I ran my hands up and down his back, beginning to feel the slow build that was going to quite possibly bring down this mountain.

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