Exclusive Cover Reveal: J. Kenner's Heated

Oh, readers, summer's on the wane. There's a chill in the nighttime air. If you need to be warmed up, we at RT are here for you. Today we've got the exclusive cover reveal of J. Kenner's Heated, the second in her Most Wanted trilogy, and, friends, it is hawt

Heated is the story of undercover cop Sloane Watson and notorious bad boy swindler Tyler Sharp. Sloane's determined to get to the bottom of whatever Tyler's up to — even if that means posing as an exotic dancer at the club Tyler co-owns, Destiny. The only problem is, Sloane can't resist Tyler, and pretty soon she's tangled up in him, emotionally and physically. And we can't resist Tyler either. We mean, just look at him:

We think this cover perfectly reflects the sexytimes contained inside Heated. We're especially excited to see a bare chest on the cover of an erotica again. As fun as the inanimate object covers that have taken over erotica are, it's nice to see a return to pecs. 

Kenner is thrilled with the trilogy second's cover as well. She told us, "The folks in Bantam's art department have outdone themselves with these covers that are not only compelling and unique, but that have an edgy, erotic feel that visually underscores the heat, mystery and sex appeal of my Most Wanted heroes.  I can't wait for readers to meet the Most Wanted men in Wanted, Heated and Ignited!"

So soak in the abs, and mark Heated on your calendar, it's being released May 13, 2014. And for more erotica news, be sure to visit our Everything Erotica page!