Giveaway Alert: Go Inside The RT Seal Of Excellence-Winning Story, Kristen Callihan's Firelight

Author Kristen Callihan set readers aflame with Firelight. This debut novel won this month’s Seal of Excellence, engulfing the competition. The RT editors were mesmerized by the story’s supernatural Victorian setting, we lost our hearts to the enigmatic (but oh-so-attractive) masked hero Lord Benjamin Archer and dreamed of becoming the beautiful heroine Miranda Ellis. So when we learned that one lucky reader has a chance to literally go inside of this world, we could not have been more excited.

Set in the Victorian era, Firelight opens after a secret society chased an impossible dream, only to have their work backfire with extremely serious consequences, ones that have damned Lord Benjamin Archer. Yet his dark future doesn’t keep this fierce man from reaching for what he wants, and that’s Miss Miranda Ellis — a beautiful but penniless tradesman’s daughter. What Archer doesn’t know is that Miranda may be poor and without connections, but she has a feisty spark, and that's not just figurative, she can control fire. However, after their hasty marriage, it’s clear that Archer’s interest in Miranda may have plunged this new couple into more danger than ever. There’s a killer on the loose, one who keeps sending Archer “trophies” from the victims — an eye here, a heart there. And to top off the bad news, Archer has just become the law's prime suspect.

This tale is like nothing we have ever read before. From the masked hero and determined heroine, to the unusual twists and turns the story takes, it’s invited readers into a world that's at once a brilliant and shadowy; one that we can’t wait to spend more time in. The adventure is one part historical, one part Gothic and one part paranormal. (Which, for those of you who are mathematically inclined will know, adds up to 100% amazing!)

And now, Kristen Callihan is offering readers a way to become part of her new series. One lucky reader’s name will be used for a character in the upcoming series second, Moonglow.

Giveaway Alert: One lucky reader will become part of Kristen Callihan’s series when their name is given to a character in the second novel Moonglow. To enter leave a comment telling us which element of the story gets you ready for a paranormal historical Gothic mystery! Or e-mail you answer here with the response. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 29th.

BLOG UPDATE 3/5/12: Winner: Annika Einarsson