Reunion Romances: Find Out Why We Love To Read Them And Authors Love To Write Them

We’ve been celebrating reunited lovers all week long on the RT Daily Blog, sharing some of our favorite books and investigating some of this month’s new releases that feature reunion romances. But what actually makes these stories so near to our hearts? Today we’ll share our views and get the scoop from five authors whose tales of love lost and found have us swooning!

RT’s Morgan loves reading this type of story because, “there is an instant back story created when characters reunite. If a hero and heroine are meeting for the first time, the pacing in some stories can stretch a readers’ belief that they will rush into a relationship. But if the hero and heroine have a past together, the story moves along at a much more natural pace.”

RT’s Whitney is always happy to pick up a tale of reunited lovers because, “It’s like the ultimate happy ending. Even when it seems like a relationship is over, done, dead in the ground, love conquers all and brings the couple back together. And frequently, the relationship is better for everyone the second time around, characters are older, wiser and often more careful with their loved one’s heart!”

Romance maven Susan Mallery is no stranger to reunion romance, and we adore her latest novel in the Fools Gold series, this month’s Only His, which features reunited lovers Tucker and Nevada. Mallery shared, “I adore writing emotionally fraught situations filled with potential for humor. (In real life, I occasionally laugh at inappropriate times, too.) Reunited lovers come with a complicated past, which I love. Usually, my reunited lovers were happy together at some point, and then things ended badly, but Nevada and Tucker never had a relationship beyond friendship. Nevada’s love was one-sided… which made for a very awkward, painfully funny encounter that has haunted both of them ever since, in very different ways.” 

When we pressed for more details about the reunion, she had this to say, “Tucker’s happy to see his old pal Nevada, but Nevada can only think about how humiliating their last encounter was for her. The opening sentence of Only His says it all: 'Never agree to a job interview in which the interviewer has seen you naked.'" And then the author continued that her characters’ relationship had changed in many ways, "For one thing, this time around when they make love, Tucker won’t call Nevada by the wrong name! Back in college, he was an idiot (as boys often are) … Now he appreciates Nevada’s more subtle sexiness, but as her boss, he must fight to keep his hands off.”

Mallory Kane’s new series romance, Detective Daddy, is a Harlequin Intrigue that also features lovers who have come back together again. So what’s their story? She told us, “Ash and Rachel dated for a few months. He broke it off when he realized that for the first time ever, he didn't WANT to move on, and it scared him. They reunite when Rachel discovers she's pregnant at the same time that Ash finds out Rachel, a DNA specialist, has proven that the man convicted of killing his parents twenty years ago is innocent. Needless to say, Ash's world is turned upside down by these events.”

The author may have had her hands full crafting Ash and Rachel’s reunion, but it wasn’t a hardship. Kane says the truth is, “I love reunited lovers. They're my favorite hero and heroine to write. For one thing, since they already know each other, the conflict is already established. But my favorite thing about reunited lovers is the emotional journey. Obviously, in almost every case, they have parted on less than good terms, and taking that journey from hurt and even animosity, back to love is extremely satisfying to me as a writer.”

Paranormal romance author Erin Quinn told us about the couple that reunites for next month's Haunting Embrace. Writing in this subgenre gives this author the chance to reunite lovers who have spent centuries apart, growing up, changing and in some cases — being reincarnated. "Millennia ago, Áedán loved a woman who betrayed him and cursed him to spend eternity in the world of the Book of Fennore. And then Meaghan Ballagh comes into his life and pulls him out of his damned existence. He is drawn to Meaghan in ways he doesn’t understand, until he sees the soul of his betrayer moving behind Meaghan’s eyes. Now he has to fight his conflicting wants—love Meaghan or wreak the vengeance meant for another woman on her?"

Quinn certainly doesn't let her lovers off easily, but it's part and parcel of her reunion romances. The author says, "I love bringing two lovers together with all of their baggage and heartache, all of their wants and needs and suspicions. Watching them work through their issues and come to a place where they can let go of the past and move on to their happily ever after makes my wee romantic heart soar."

Historical romance author Sherry Thomas has featured reunion romances in several of her tales. (In her debut novel Private Arrangements, she brought a couple back together that had been apart for ten years!) She told us, “I enjoy reunited lovers stories because from a writers' point of view, you have a built-in conflict. Why did our lovers become separated/estranged in the first place? Chances are it will act as an impediment on the way to happiness. From a reader's point of view, I simply love the idea that reconciliation is possible. That heroes and heroines can grow and become more generous, more loving individuals.”

Contemporary romance author Kristan Higgins kept her answer short and sweet, “Love lost, love found, first love…reunion stories tell us that a second chance is possible. And who doesn't love a second chance?” We certainly do!

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