Spooky, Cozy Pinterest Crafts: We Channel the Best Crafty October Mysteries

Happy October, friends! Are you ready to carve those pumpkins and decorate your house? We at RT love Halloween, so we're ready for the season to begin. We were inspired by two upcoming cozy mysteries to get our craft on and headed over to Pinterest. (Pinterest seems to love Halloween as much as we do, no lie.) 

First up is Heather Blake's One Potion in the Grave, a Top Pick! read starring witch Carly Bell Hartwell, who runs the Little Shop of Potions. You can have some potion fun of your own at home …

These awesome potion bottles actually look easy to make! (We know we all say this about everything on Pinterest. But for real this time.)


And some Harry Potter potion bottle labels, free for you to print out at will. The Internet! What will they think of next?



While you're crafting, why not make some fizzy potion? (We won't tell if you add some more adult-friendly elixirs, so long as you're 21 and over …)


Meanwhile Laura Childs's Gossamer Ghost has Carmela Bertrand running her NOLA-based Memory Mine scrapbook shop. When you're ready to scrapbook your Halloween, check out these awesome Pins …

Make-your-own skeleton rubber stamps. We're taking the rest of the afternoon off. For personal reasons. That involve crafts.


We're batty for this backdrop, and we won't even apologize for that pun.

For our entire Pinterest board, go here! Let us know of your favorite Halloween crafts below. And for more mysterious reads, visit our Everything Mystery page.