Wedding Fever: Victoria Alexander on her Favorite Cinematic Nuptials

Wedding season is well underway! We’ve stopped watching Say Yes to the Dress just long enough to get Victoria Alexander to tell us about her favorite cinematic weddings. Victoria knows of what she speaks, her latest historical, RT Top Pick! The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride features some sexy, wedding hijinx of the highest order. Tell us everything, Victoria!

I love weddings! Well actually, I love fabulous gowns and great parties. Not so big on the ceremony itself. We've been known to skip that and proceed straight to the reception. (Hey, if you tell me you were married an hour ago—I'll believe you!) Besides, I have a tendency to cry at weddings even if I barely know the couple.

I'm especially a sucker for movies with weddings in them.

There is no movie wedding quite as perfect as Anna and William's in Notting Hill. No dialogue, just shots of the reception to the song She. Perfect!

The all time best wedding movie has to be My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It’s about love and family and chaos. Even if you're not Greek, you can relate to the triumphs and tribulations of battling your way to the altar.

The wedding of Juliet and Peter in Love Actually is nothing short of wedding fantasy. As they walk down the aisle, a choir starts singing and folks you thought were just guests turn out to be musicians playing All You Need is Love. Really wonderful!

Some of the very best wedding movies are about weddings that never take  place. I love all of Maggie's attempts to wed in The Runaway Bride but when she finally makes it with Ike and it’s just the two of them until after their vows and their friends and family show up—fabulous!

Or Only You—about a bride fleeing to Italy to look for her soul mate. One of my favorite movies! Nothing like a woman in a wedding gown on a plane.

But one of my very favorite movie weddings is in While You Were Sleeping. When Lucy stops her wedding to Peter because she's in love with Jack, and Jack tracks her down and proposes and in the last shot they're on the train headed for happily ever after, well, I sigh every time.

Weddings, real or fictional, are fraught with drama, comedy and the potential for disaster. There's a scene in The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride where one of the characters says the weddings she remembers the most fondly are the ones where minor disasters occurred. I think that's why we all like fictional weddings so much. Anything can happen on the way to happily ever after  — and it's so much fun when it does!

- Victoria Alexander

The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride is available in stores and online now, so once you’re done managing your Netflix cue, get on it! For more love stories, visit our Everything Romance page!