World Cup Fever: Six Soccer Romances to Heat Up Your TBR Pile

There’s no denying things have been heating up thanks to the World Cup. People are excited, Twitter’s all abuzz and there are hot soccer players on our screens left and right. (And if you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, trust us, they’re super hot.) And if the World Cup isn’t enough, here’s a rundown of soccer romances that deserve a spot on your ereaders. All books are available as ebooks only unless otherwise noted.

Striker by Michelle Betham - Local TV Sports reporter and daughter to an ex-professional soccer player, Amber Sullivan knows better than to get involved with a player. But when she snags an exclusive story on Ryan Fisher, one of the hottest and most talented players, she finds her resolve wavering.

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Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey -  In this sizzling New Adult read, nineteen-year-old soccer player Kinsley Bryant knows she needs to stay focused on the upcoming Olympic tryouts. But when one of her new coaches turns out to be Liam Wilder — an insanely hot, talented and tattooed professional player — she finds herself focusing more on him than the game. As their relationship escalates, Kinsley and Liam will have to play by the rules or risk losing everything.

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The Striker’s Chance by Rebecca Crowley - After securing a job as the PR person for the North Carolina soccer team, Holly Taylor is tasked with giving sexy Kepler de Klerk’s reputation a makeover. But ever since the car accident that caused Kepler’s European career to end, he’s not too concerned with getting back into the spotlight. As Holly and Kepler spend more time together, their attraction grows, but when Holly receives a dream job offer, she’ll have to decide what’s more important — her heart or her career.

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*Player’s Ultimatum by Koko Brown - When Yvonne Floyd’s closeted best friend and soccer player, Robbie, asks her to pose as his fiance until he can land a contract, she doesn’t count on falling for his teammate, Paolo Saito. As Yvonne navigates the world of international soccer and gets closer to Paolo, secrets are revealed and passion ignites.

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Striker by KyAnn Waters - When sports blogger Max Myers discovers he lives next door to Riley Grayson, the hottest soccer to ever grace the field, he knows his career will reach new heights if he can land an exclusive interview. But Riley has no interest in revealing his private life to the world, but he can’t deny his attraction to Max. And as their relationship heats up, Max must decide if he’s willing to risk his new relationship in order to save his career.

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An Unsuitable Husband by Ros Clarke - Career-driven Theresa Chartley has no time for marriage and definitely wants her mother to stop pressuring her to find a husband. To put an end to her mother’s pestering, Theresa asks French soccer player Emile Renaud to pose as her husband for a year. Sure, he’s crazy attractive, but he’s also exactly what her mother doesn’t want in her daughter’s husband. Emile sees this as an opportunity to finally be rid of his clingy ex, but as he and Theresa spend more time together, they both find they don’t want their arrangement to end.

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Let us know in the comments which soccer romance is your favorite! And for more sexy athletes, visit our Everything Romance page!