Cover Trend

YA Cover Trend: Those Who Live in Glass Houses … Are Probably Going to Want to Read These Awesome Books

You know that saying about glass houses? Well a lot of YA novels of late seem to be taking a liking to the old idiom. Gaze upon these lovely, glass-enclosed images! We love them all!

Cover Trend: Water Colors

You already know that we at RT are suckers for a pretty book cover. We live for reveals and are all about bold and beautiful colors, which is why the latest trend in YA is right up our alley: water color covers! Bold primary colors blend with subtle pastels, creating an enticing jacket for some pretty awesome books. Here are a few of our favorites:

YA Cover Trend: Broken Flowers

YA can often boast some of the best, most creative covers in publishing. Which is why we've been pouring over the latest YA book covers, ogling all the pretty. What can we say? We love our job! Which is when we noticed a trend … dead or broken flowers, as far as the eye can see. Check out this latest YA cover trend, won't you?

Cover Trend: Smashed Flowers

We love a dramatic cover, and we've been noticing a pretty statement-making trend as of late: the smashed flower cover! Aside from thinking about how much fun it must be to photograph those sessions, we also have to wonder: what'd that blossom ever do to you, huh? Here's a look at some of the coolest.