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Babysitter's Black Book: A Stark Lifetime Movie Recap

Oh, hey there! Was there some sort of awards show on last night? I was busy watching the epic Lifetime movie Babysitter’s Black Book for you! I felt it my duty, as a longtime fan of The Baby-Sitters Club (Stacey McGill 4eva). This movie actually has some serious issues that it kind of deals with. Social commentary on the Lifetime channel! Who knew?

A Novel Romance: The Inaccurately-Titled Hallmark Movie: A Recap

Hey, did you know there was a movie called A Novel Romance on the Hallmark Channel this weekend? It stars a male romance author (we know) and a book reviewer. We obviously watched, and recapped, to help you through this dreary Monday. (As book reviewers, we are happy to report that this movie is not based on true events. We swear.)